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Iraqi rapist and murderer of a 14-year-old about Germany
14-year-old Susanne from Mainz was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a refugee from Iraq. When the police chose him as the likely perpetrator, it turned out that he managed to escape to his native country a few days earlier. Eventually, he was arrested by the Kurdish police. This recent matter shook Germany.
Now they have more reasons for anger.

The murderer boasted in letters to his relatives in Iraq that he and his family would not have to work because they would get benefits from the state, reports MMnews. During his several-year stay in Germany, Ali B. and his family raved about the conditions prevailing in this country.

- They said that they are doing well in Germany - says cousin Ali B. from the autonomous Kurdish region. - They will not have to work hard, deal with them and get a salary from the state.

Ali B. came to Germany from Iraq in October 2015 with his parents and seven siblings. Their applications for asylum were officially justified by the family in that children in their homeland could be recruited by Kurdish PKK fighters to participate in the armed conflict. Ali B., who was arrested, admitted that in May of that year he killed the 14-year-old Susanna F. from Mainz.


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