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New Staff Members needed
Hi All

We need more active members here. Of course this will help us

If you can help in any section, you are welcome to join us

We are going to make new staff members for each section

For example; news, security, smartphones and so on

Currently we have many active members, if you are ready to join us reply here or PM me

We need someone to prepare new articles that will published in the forum and may be in the blog

This is one of the best ways to have more members and good reputation with the developers

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome here
I already Post Software Updates Daily But I Can Post Software More Security Posts Or Post Software I Wish To Help Our Blog Get Or Be As Good As It Can Be Online For All Geeks & Software & Blog Likers Like Me & Make Our Blog More Better For Software Makers So We Can Get More Giveaways From Them & Like Our Blog More I Would Post Also About Portable Software If There Was A Section For That Too I Don,t Work So I Have Lots Of Free time On My Hands Unlike Most Who Do Or Go Too School I Hope I Can Help You & Our Great Blog Out I Will Do My BEST THAT I Can Do
This is a good idea mrtrout. The blog is very important and many developers prefer the blog rather than the forum to approve giveaways

There are many advantages in the blog including active links

I think we can discuss this with Mike so that a section for portable apps is added

Also, if we can have some original articles even if software updates, this will be very good
Ashampoo Recently Sent Me A Servay About There Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 Coming New Release I Reguested Them To Make There Software Have A Portable Version For There Software  I Told Them Revo Uninstaller , Wisecare Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller,  Geek Uninstaller, All Have Portable Versions OF There Uninstallers I Asked Them To Make There Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 Be Portable Too Who Nows Maybe They Will listen To Me & Make It Portable Version Too
I  agree about portable apps section in the blog and may be here
Suggestions and criticisms:
  • Limit the number of vpn giveaways. You guys are doing way too many vpn giveaways. Almost all of the users have already won in one or the other vpn giveaways. So they don't have much incentive to join every single vpn giveaways. 
  • Social media shares are absolute joke. Those share should be the source of new members for the forum but right now it's just a shit show. Developer gets nothing out of it nor the forum.
  • Reviews: When you're promoting a product, highlighting only the strong points of that product is a norm. That's fine. But when you're reviewing a product and find absolutely no con in that products, then that's an issue. That doesn't paint a very good image of the forum. Either dont write "cons: none" or just be honest. Developers see you as a community. People come to promo2day for the free licenses. You can't guarantee a future sale because of the giveaway. Devs know that. Give them something in the form of bugs report, suggestions, etc. It's the responsibility of the reviewer. 
  • Giveaways: giveaway suggestions are great threads available on p2d. But giveaway organisers shouldn't go for every single product that the members request. Just because someone wants something doesn't mean everyone wants that as well. If today I go there and request the product xyz and you do manage to get a 10-20 license giveaway, what happens after that? I'll participate and a few more will join in. I'll get what I want but in exchange of what? The reputation of the forum. Few months from now when you'll have the audience for that software and you'll approach the same dev he'll look back at the current failed giveaway and just ignore it. 
  • Rules: sometimes rules are so damn hard. I remember seeing a rule once. 10 posts and 10 threads. That was ludicrous. I think it was for the CyberGhost lifetime license giveaway. I couldn't participate because of the rule and it discouraged me so bad that after that I've never participated in any of the p2d giveaway. You guys had the perfect opportunity to lure so many new users but you blew it away because of the ludicrous rule. I'm sure that many more people were interested but after seeing the rule they just turned their head and move on and never registered. 
  • Winners: this is what someone told me. I'm not sure how much of it is true but I've come to know that multiple people feels this way... The good licenses are always won by very active people or by friends of the staff. The draws aren't fair. Trust me, this is something that's been floating around about this forum. (who are the people that told me about these? That's something I can't disclose for privacy reasons). I'm not sure if anything can be done about this but it is what it is. 
  • Winners announcement and claims: another thing floating around is that the winners are announced whenever the organisers feel like. Many a times they don't follow the set timetable. 
  • Extra licenses: what happens when someone fails to claim a license? I don't see it mentioned anywhere that that the next person in line will receive the license (in except for a few giveaways). In my opinion all the licenses should be given away afterall that's what they're meant for. If it's indeed given to the next person then it's all good. Or else you might want to think about it. 
  • Don't repeat the same giveaway every six months. This takes away the exclusivity of the giveaway. 
  • Try to get a few devs onto the forum. Or else get a few people who can write a few tutorials. Software news or reviews aren't going to attract many people. Prefer people with a strong opinion. 
  • If possible change the forum software. Mybb just isn't good enough. Invest in something better and you'll reap the benefits later. 
**by "you" I'm addressing to all the forum staff. 

I know I might sound a bit rough but I wrote all those for the betterment of the forum. Don't take it personally. And ignore the typos. 
Thanks a lot Myna for your suggestions. I can reply to some of these points:

I agree with you about VPN giveaways. one VPN giveaway at a time and must not frequest that way

Social media share is of no benefit currently withthe exception of a few members who really use their accounts...what is your suggestion here? to stop media share and just make it reply? I know that the social media share is not of great importance but it is not causing problems and may benefit

Regarding the reviews; we are trying to explain the software uses, benefits, features and many more. If you never used it before this will be good for you. I agree with you that no need for "Cons" as we cannot test extensively every software before starting the review. Also we need active members to reply and post their feedback about the software and unfortunately this doesn't occur

Giveaways:  I agree with you, no need to ask developers for every software. But how to know if there is audience for this request or not?

Rules: the rule of minimum post count is just to avoid spam and to ensure that we have active members. Some forums add a rule of 6 months members or even registered before the giveaway. Also, 5 or 10 posts in any section is not a great issue

Winners:  we select winners using, it is fair and just a matter of luck for me. We have no friends here and this has no relation to the winners. We have users from different countries, how this affect the winners announcement.? This is NOT TRUE at all!! 

If user is not following rules his post is not counted. The time table needs to be extended to have more users share in the giveaways. I start to announce that in all recent giveaways. 

Extra licenses: we can arrange another giveaway later or add it to giveaway of the month

Don't repeat the same giveaway every six months:  I agree 

Try to get a few devs onto the forum:  we have many developers registered ( but most of them is not active here. Unfortunately; the users database and number make difference for many developers

If possible change the forum software: I agree this is not the best but this is up to Mike 

Finally, if you would like to join our staff and help us with some good tutorials or original articles about software, games...., please PM me or reply here
Thanks for taking my suggestions and criticism like a sport.

For social media I haven't figured out a solution yet. Maybe try to give some incentives like... For every 3 successful referrals the participants will get an extra entry in the giveaway. (referred people should have a post count of 10 before the end of the giveaway). Keep trying different things. Someday something will click and when that does, stick to it. Right now the social shares aren't helping the forum. (I've tried with 7-10 successful referrals on the other forum but that didn't work. I think 7 was a bit more. Try with 3.)

For giveaway, merge all the threads and ask everyone to suggest giveaways that they'd like to see. After sometime, go through all the posts and see what software/services got the most requests. And try to get those. Or you can ask the community if they'd like to see a giveaway of the products that you have in mind.

For rules, 10 posts is definitely fine. But rules like 10 threads are discouraging. 10 threads for an old user might not seem much but for a new user who's still trying to figure out the forum, is very tough.

Winners: that's a rumour that I've heard. If it's false (which I don't doubt) then it'll fade away eventually.

The rumor about the late announcement of the winners must've spun from the fact that earlier you guys didn't put a notice that the giveaway is extended. A simple post is enough to rectify that.

Extra license: you can always keep those licenses for future giveaways but remember that the devs do check the activation status of the giveaway licenses. And not every winner activates their licenses. So for example, out of 20 winners, 3 failed to claim the license and 10 of the winners kept their licenses for future activation. What the dev will see it as... Out of the 20 licenses that we gave for the giveaway, only 7 licenses were used.
This isn't so good.
You might think that I'm exaggerating about the number of people not activating their licenses, but I'm not. I usually keep in touch with the devs even after the giveaways, reporting them about bugs or give them suggestions about what I'd like to see in their product. And during those talks I sometime ask them about the giveaway, and how many activations were made till then. And so I know that activation rates are more or less like 50-50.

By dev, I meant smaller devs. Like people who can create small but fun scripts, independent developer of smaller projects. Or guess what.... People who can create Adguard filters. It's not that hard and it'd be such a fun and interesting project. Some people will report ads and others can create filters, etc. This is just an example.

And finally, thank you for the offer but unfortunately I won't be able to join the team. I'm actually finding it hard to make time even for the other forum. However, I'll try to make a few tutorials for p2d. I can't give you a time frame. But once I complete it I'll post it here on p2d.
Thanks for your suggestions and interest. We tried the referral systeme before and it was not successful. The activation problem occurred before and we have emails from developers about this issue. There is no solution for this

Social share; you are right it is not of benefit but we will leave this for the giveaway organiser

Wiiners: completely FAIR selection and all posts revised 

time schedule:  I will announce this in my extended giveaways

Some points cannot be discussed here; i can PM you some details
The most interesting is that we have only 2 users interested to interact and try to help among 5k users registered

We need more interested users and ready to help

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