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Imagine Cup 2018
Microsoft You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. the winning team for its Imagine Cup 2018 competition, handing the first-place prize to a Candian team known as smartARM. Hailing from Canada, the student team created a robotic prosthetic hand that can recognize objects and figure out the best way to grip them.
smartARM's prosthetic pairs a camera with Microsoft Azure Computer Vision, machine learning, and cloud storage to accomplish its goal. As winners, smartARM will receive $85,000 in cash, a $50,000 Azure grant, and a mentoring session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
Aside from smartARM, this year's competition featured some other novel projects. Taking second place was a team from Greece called iCry2Talk, which developed an interface that translates a baby's cry to a specific physiological and psychological state. The result is then communicated in a text, image, and voice message. Meanwhile, a Japanese team called Mediated Ear took third place with a project aimed at helping hearing-impaired people to focus on a single speaker in an environment with multiple conversations occurring.

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