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[Game Giveaway] Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender)
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Dear players, have you played Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) yet? If you still didn’t try it, just move your finger to App Store or Google play. I promise this the brand new version will not let you down! It is an innovative and unique TD game of 2018! Knights Fight is strategy game in which the story of a young prince and his heroes fight against the demons.

The First Large-scales Update of Knight Defender Released

After being launched on Android on 22th May, Knight Defender which names Hero Rush: Defender in iOS version achieves a good response by players . It seems that the European&American players are into this kind of multiple playing method game.
Nowadays, the brand new version has revealed on Knight Defender. Since the game was launched, it’s the first large-scales update for Knight Defender which including four major parts (Part I: Road of Expedition/ Part II: Exclusive Gear/ Part III: Lost Palace/ Part IV Demonic Palace)! In addition to these wonderful new parts, just sign-in and you can get thousands of Gems! Also, you can find our new SS hero Emily (Succubus) in our new version. Don’t hesitate anymore, join our new adventure now!

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2018 most innovative TD & RPG mobile game is coming!

Demons are invading! Are you ready to defend your kingdom and people?
Join millions of players all over the world and start your exhilarating journey now!

Download to experience New version right now:

iOS Download: https://goo.gl/s3E4TD
Android download:  https://goo.gl/vuw3up

Available countries: 

Global (SEA Region, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan Province
, Japan, North Korea, South Korea Excluded)

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For Giveaway rules and more information about the game: visit here:

Licenses are sent to the users who replied in the blog

More keys are still available here
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Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) Thrilling Official Version Comes Out!!

Dear players, have you played Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) today? Do you notice anything different? Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) is official released today! In this version, you can fight with different players through every week matches. This is a very appealing new gameplay! Promising you don’t want to miss it.

Android download: https://goo.gl/Azt13h

iOS download: https://goo.gl/RoRYme

Let me show you some Highlights of this game :

Storyline Gameplay -- Did the old King sell out his kingdom to the Demons? What’s the prophecy of the High Priest? A lot of mystery and stimulating storys are waiting for you to discover...

Strategy-oriented TD -- Hundreds of heroes and skills, different from the traditional TD game, you need to make wise choice, including heroes on battle and enemies to attack.

Rich Content -- Corridor Leaderboard, Mirror Trial, Lost Palace, Guild, Arena and many more systems. To be an offender or defender it’s totally your call.

Recruit and Train Unique Troop -- Different match of heroes will result in totally different outcome of the battle. Isn’s it wonderful?

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Licenses are sent to the users who replied in the blog

More keys are still available 

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