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review 2018 audials one

tarekma7Audials One 2018 Review
[Image: 6N0glNG.jpg]

Audials one 2018: Records & Converts Everything

Movies, Series, Videos, Music, Podcasts & Radio Stations: Find, Record, Download, Convert and Enjoy Them Anywhere

If you like listening to radio stations, web-based streaming or music TV, Audials one 2018 is the all-in-one media software that lets you search, stream, download, record, convert and organize any media files in easy and professional way.

It offers massive, fast, legal and free supply of music! Only Audials One searches the best music sites and simultaneously monitors thousands of radio stations throughout the world. This is done through Audials Radio Network. You will be provided with the music you want lightning-fast! You get the charts, singles, albums or the complete discographies of your favorite stars only with the turbo from Audials One.

[Image: 2pRxOVO.png]

Feature Highlights:

=100,000 Radio Stations, 1,450,000 Artists, 3,000,000 Albums, 12,000,000 MP3s at your Fingertips:

Just enter the genre, artist, album/sampler name or title and Audials legally delivers music from Internet radio stations or via straight search on websites, social news from Facebook and Twitter for radio stations and played artists.

=Record Music Streams: Audials can record any audio from music streaming services or websites right from your browser and save them in any desired format. High-Speed recording for music.

=Videos & Movies:  Stream Recorder for Internet Videos, Media Centers & Online Video Libraries:
Recorder for recording video streams of movies, series, documentaries and sporting events. Record any movie from online video libraries, video portals, pay services and hit series from media centers and save them in the right format for any playback device. Commercial blocker to avoid annoying commercials. Auto-tagging for all possible information on movies. Higher streaming quality with the right FPS setting for video recordings. Improved video collection display with switchable viewing modes.
=Mini-window:  informs with additional notifications about the best method to use for each source, giving therefore absolute control while recording.

=Format Converter for Music, Audiobooks, Videos, Movies & DVDs: Free or protected music, audiobooks, videos & movies can be optimally converted into 85 file formats for PCs, notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, tablets and game console. Advanced converting settings with access to individual profiles and expert mode with 1000 possible combinations.

=Player, Media Manager, Music Universe, Tag Editor, DVD & CD Recorder included:
Player, recorder, media manager, cloud manager, ID3 tagger, DVD & CD recorder, audio editor.

Download and Installation:

The demo version can be downloaded from the official website. It is 140 Mb and the installation is very easy and just a few minutes are needed to install this extensive application. During installation you can select advanced options which lets you select all the program options you need and you will be asked to download LAME encoder if not present on your computer.

[Image: fDr7nMV.gif]

[Image: Xg1P8KK.png]

[Image: 7vA51Cm.png]

User Interface:

[Image: R1IVVEQ.png]

The user interface is very friendly, attractive and well arranged. It shows the program features on the left side as a vertical bar with the settings at the lower end. The main program area shows the search option and different features according to your selection from the right sided bar. The right side shows player area where the selected media will be running. The lower end shows the processing list, converter options and the storage site

Choose color theme and font size:

[Image: uE4zloF.png]

Home Dashboard:

Free Trial Limitations:

[Image: 6AwW0uq.png]

In the Audials One Demo you can try out all sorts of things. You can record up to 25 tracks, record a limited length of videos. Simply download the demo and try it out with no obligations. No registration is required. The installation starts with one click. The demo can be uninstalled later without a trace.

Try out these features or simply upgrade. Use your license key to unlock all features down in the bottom right-hand corner! Have fun!

[Image: LdvOyv1.png]


There are two options available; either to purchase a license for audials one lifetime or annual subscription and you will get all new versions during this time (Audials One Gold). Get every year the price reduction and be always the first with the next Audials One plus all Pro apps
If you have a previous version of the program you can upgrade to the latest version here:
Audials Gold subscription offers Audials One with all its functions at a special discount! You will get the latest generation and upgrades every year, all Pro-Apps for Android & Apple!

Audials One account:

[Image: 6WrpNz3.png]

[Image: B6mlBt9.png]

It is advised to register for an account. The process is very easy and needs to confirm your email. You will have many benefits. Your Audials account provides direct access to the forum for questions and answers as well as contact for problems. Moreover, you can change your account settings.

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8, 7
1 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Hard Drive Space for Installation
Broadband Internet Access

The Internet Recorder: Record Anything! Save Everything!

Radios, music streaming from Spotify, series & blockbuster movies from video streaming from Amazon & Netflix and video clips are recorded by Audials One saved in top quality as individual files. This means you can snatch up any unprotected and protected media from the Internet and enjoy it on your PC, smartphone or tablet - anywhere and anytime!

No More Problems with Media Files!

85 file formats and 84 device profiles are on offer to you to ensure the easiest usage. This enables you to copy and archive music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, films and DVDs and also to convert them to the right format for smartphone, tablet and gaming consoles.

Music Wishes

[Image: zeEGXTx.png]

Search and download from Youtube, Soundcloud & Co and combined Radio Recordings, provides Wish-MP3. With Audials One you can get 12.000.000 music tracks by 3.000.000 artists legally and for free!

The program has built-in turbo function bundling the exclusive music search with targeted Radio Recordings. Enter a music wish and Audials gives you your music with a click. You can also access the complete discographies of your favorite stars with all their hits and albums.

[Image: oJrVjyC.png]

Audials One offers additional possibilities of locating additional sources of music via its open plugin interface.

Music Search

[Image: Ffea5mt.png]

Search and download on YouTube, Soundcloud etc. for instant access to tracks and entire albums in MP3 format

Audials One simultaneously searches the best legal music sources for tracks by your favorite artists. The results are then divided into albums and all you have to do is simply click on the title of the video or song you wish to listen to or save as an MP3.

[Image: zx5iA9u.png]

With Audials Getting Music from the Internet Is Simply More Fun. Top hits are shown highlighted in the search results. With just one click on the download button, Audials delivers the desired music to you. With the autoplay mode, Audials automatically plays the top hits that have been found, turning Audials into your own personalized radio station!

Audials One offers the fastest option of downloading directly with video-to-audio conversion from well-known audio and video portals. This enables you to get music in MP3, WMA or AAC file format legally and free of charge.


[Image: 1f6E1Ps.png]

Find, Record and Enjoy the Best Radio Stations for Your Music Taste Fast and Comfortably. From a wide range of 100,000 of the best internet radio stations, Audials enables you to quickly find the stations that play your favorite music. You can also filter down the results by determining the artist you wish to listen to. After finding new stations, you can save them as favorites. 120 musical genres, countries, languages, local radio stations and more are yours to explore!
Audials learns from your usage and finds new radio stations corresponding to your music taste with the “Suited to me” function.

Bonus Entertainment:

Save and enjoy all podcasts, TV media library content and music channels

Audials Home (the Dashboard): Audials Home welcomes you every week with Audials Entertainment Services, central search function and other useful features.

[Image: JZrrwMU.png]

Audials Music Zoom is a Completely New Way of Discovering Music: The new artificial intelligence of Audials Music Zoom has placed almost every musician of all time on an almost infinite map of stars according to musical genres.
Thousands of Podcasts for Comprehensive Entertainment: Audials provides you with additional free-of-charge entertainment with its integrated podcatcher.

[Image: mk95eKW.png]

Lots of Music TV Stations with Video Streaming: While you are using other programs on your PC, you can leave music TV running using the Audials player as a detached window. Audials entertains you non-stop in its own media player with loads of the best music TV stations.

[Image: d5vvG9y.png]

Streaming Recorder:

Save Video

[Image: UIwILJW.png]

Your streaming recorder for movies, TV series and videos on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and co. Only the Streaming Recorder of Audials will be always up-to-date and guarantees the best Recordings.
You can take movies from online video libraries, TV series from media libraries, videos from websites or simply an area of the screen.  Audials will record everything in the best quality and every possible file format.

You love series? Audials can play entire seasons on popular portals such as Amazon and Netflix and will then save each episode individually. You want to have your own movie collection? Add the movies to your “recording schedule” and Audials will play and record them all over night! Audials is the only software to offer this function.

[Image: 2dbVZBj.png]

You can also enter a link from a video portal in Audials and directly get the recorded file for that video.

Batch Recording is Easy with Audials: You play the desired movie briefly in the browser. Audials is grabbing the link to the stream and adds the film to the recording planner! If you have collected all the movies Audials starts the recording process.

Save Music

[Image: LRbfGva.png]

Stream music on Spotify, Deezer, Napster and co, and save tracks with added tags

Audials is your music recorder. Audials has its own recording function designed especially for recording streams on services as MP3, WMA or AAC files. 

Audials Records Everything You Hear Online. For example streaming service as spotify or music on a website or a streaming-software player

Audials is the only software that can record Spotify at tenfold speed!

Make perfect recordings of music and audiobook streams!

Universal Converter

[Image: l6HeZwr.png]

Audials One Is Your Universal Converter for All Formats.

Audio and Video Format Converter with 85 File Formats for All Media and 84 Profiles for All Devices

Audials One solves reliably issues with the copy protection of music, audio books, DVDs and movies and is an easy-to-use converter to bring all your media into the right file format for PC, smartphone and tablet.

[Image: sd3Z1pp.png]

Audiobooks Lasting Hours Converted in Minutes!

Archive Films and Play Them on Devices Without a DVD Drive: The lifespan of purchased movies on DVD is often limited, even with careful use and proper storage. The built-in DVD copier, you can prevent losses by making a private copy. Both protected and unprotected DVDs can be copied

[Image: ycto5up.png]

All Media Files

Fill up clouds and mobile devices. Use media on other PCs. Enjoy entertainment in comfort.

[Image: WoQmCcA.png]

Audials offers many capabilities for building up your music collection and video library. This includes a media management area for PC and clouds, for filling up smartphones and tablets as well as a convenient media player with lots of extras.

[Image: h1GVyz5.png]

Audials enhances your music collection with ID3 tags and song lyrics, ensures a uniform normalization of the music pieces and plays them with the integrated player with playlists for your entertainment.

[Image: DtsTHNg.png]

Audials offers you a video library sorted by your criteria. With a connected film database, Audials completes existing recordings and new films automatically.

Audials Apps Are the Perfect Counterpart for Audials Windows Software

Enjoy radio, podcasts, music, and media at any time on your iPhone or Android smartphone with the free Audials apps, which is popular with millions of users.

[Image: FffE3JN.png]

Features and Functions of Audials one 2018:

[Image: QlhT5KD.png]

New features in Audials One 2018:

[Image: skHvUkn.png]

Audials is much faster: takes five seconds to open when using an average PC.
Looking Good - Audials with Reworked User Interface and New Windows 10 Fluent Design
Ultra fast all-purpose search function
Brand new Audials home: Audials Home is your New Command Centre with access to many of the main features. You can also continue where you last left off.
Fulfill music whishes perfectly & superfast
Top quality best music
Expanded Radio database with over 110,000 radio stations
Spotify faster and in good quality
Double the fun
Enjoy Some Karaoke: Audials can now be used as a karaoke machine! Let the girls hit the high notes and the boys rock the house. Really get your party started! 
Audials Entertainment Services - new Audials charts and entertainment every week!
Record movies non-stop: recording schedule to automatically and continuously record movies off Amazon and Netflix.
Top-quality Video Recordings
Up-to-date Video Encoding
Screen Recording Function for your Own Videos
Audials Music Zoom enables you to zoom into a music genre by using your mouse wheel or a touch screen.
New Visual Highlights and Improved Control
Perfect-quality high-speed music stream recordings for even more services.
News on your Favorite Artists now Available with the Music Search Function and Music Wishes
Music of your stars in the music search, media library, in radios and the wish list
The Wish list now Offers even more Options and is more Powerful than Ever

Program Settings:

[Image: ZxJGVBk.gif]


Audials one is the best streaming recorder for video and audio. You can search for music and listen to and record internet radio stations. The program has a built-in converter tool for all media and devices.  


Program page:

Program functions in details:

New Features of the program:

Mobile applications:


Release notes:


Install additional search plugins:

Online Guide and Help:

Full Video Tutorials:

Audials Wishlist Community:
Great review Tarek. After reading the review I need a program like this for all my music needs.
Thanks for the review, Tarek. I have purchased the 2016 version which finally had a strange bug with the audio driver and i uninstalled it. I would be interested to test the 2018 version to see what was improved as i like this software a lot. Your review convinced me to retry it.  Thumb
Great review Tarek. 
Thank You.
thanks for very detailed review Heart Heart
Wow they really good a good job in this.I love the dark theme. The media converter is extent useful.
Nice review and great all in one media software.
Detail review as usual Smile
Concise and Clear review Tarek, Audials one always is upgraded and Live Smile
Thanks for this great review. Thumb
Thanks for the review

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