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windows review pdf tools 20 cleverpdf

[Review] CleverPDF for Windows: 20-in-1 PDF tools
[Image: OiWek6u.gif]

CleverPDF for Windows

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most commonly used file formats. It is created by adobe acrobat and can be used on all types of devices. 

CleverPDF for Windows is a powerful and cost-effective all in one PDF tool for your PDF tasks. You can convert the PDF file into many other formats such as word, excel, image and so on. You can create PDF files from office documents and images. It supports other PDF tasks such as compression, unlock, split, watermark, encrypt, add page number and combine multiple files. 
Comparing with the online converter, desktop software runs faster, and save your time for uploading and downloading. It can process larger files and convert lots of files at one time (batch processing). Just like the online version, desktop version offers 20 tools. These are categorized into 3 types; Convert and Create PDF and PDF Utility tools. ‘Create PDF’ is completely free for all users. ‘Convert PDF’ only convert 3 pages for each file, while ‘PDF Utility’ only supports files less than 10 pages. If free version is not enough, paid options are available. 

The desktop version can be used offline with no internet connection required. In addition, more output options are available with more flexibility. 

Company Page:

Product Page:


Current version:  2.0

Release date:  2018

[Image: eZEeS1Y.png]

Size: 29.36 Mb

System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (all editions).
.NET Framework 4.0 or greater is required.
Recommended hardware Processor: 2GHz Processor RAM: 1G.
Free Space: File Size: 29.3MB, 200MB recommended
The following functions require Microsoft 2007 or newer version installed on your computer: Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF.

[Image: eYOmIb5.png]


Installation is very easy. Just double click on the installer and follow simple on-screen instructions. Within a few mouse clicks the program will be functioning on your computer

[Image: hxamLA1.png]

[Image: oYD14MP.gif]

Languages Supported:

CleverPDF is available in 14 languages
[Image: Zij8CNF.png]


[Image: H2bF301.png]

The full version with 20 tools, converter, creator and PDF utility is available for 39.99$. Other purchase options are available for lower price as convert or utilities only version. The PDF create is free for all users.

You will now enjoy full version of the program with lifetime updates and free technical support

Full version purchase:

Converter version purchase:

Utility version purchase:


[Image: hGm6H9f.png]

[Image: ArVUD5x.png]

[Image: 6KgGhmv.png]

After you complete the purchase process, you will receive an email with your license key. Simply select your subscription version then submit your email and the license key you have received and activate online. That’s all!

User Interface:

[Image: 2aFIZ4F.png]

CleverPDF has a very friendly and easy to use interface with all features available on the main window of the program. Social share icons are present in the lower part. The menu tab is located in the right upper corner with simple down drop menu

[Image: 6nFCA4L.png]


[Image: z7Sfn06.png]

You can search for any updates to the program using the menu option


Desktop version:
Desktop version supports bigger files and processes files faster, without waiting for upload and download.

20-in-1 PDF tools:
CleverPDF offers 20 PDF tools, all the functions on are also available in the desktop versions.

Support batch processing:
All the functions support batch processing, you can process multiple files at once in desktop version. While the online version can process one file at a time.

Better PDF conversion feature:
Provide more flexible output options for your PDF conversion task. The powerful table detection feature helps you accurately extract table from PDF to Excel or other formats.

100% privacy safe:
Process your PDF files securely on your local computer without uploading, higher safety level for your sensitive files.

Easy to use:
Just like the online version, desktop version is extremely easy to use, it takes no more than 3 steps to get the job done.

Program Use:

The program has a built-in PDF reader that can read your PDF file so that you can do various jobs or edit of different parts before conversion. The application will automatically or manually detect tables in the PDF file. You can draw table or image areas. You can merge or split cells or add lines in columns and raws. You can also mark image areas

The use of the program is very easy with simple 3 steps. Add files, set options you need and start. That’s all! Ver simple and professional. You can specify the output folder if you want

Now let me discuss all features of the program:

Convert PDF:

PDF to Word:

Convert PDF to editable Word (docx, doc). Supports office 2007 or later. This is extremely easy to use, just upload your PDF file, choose an output format (DOC or DOCX) according to your installed Microsoft office version. Finally start and open the output file using the link available after conversion

The conversion service can keep the original PDF formatting accurately even with complex PDF files

[Image: dkqriBL.png]

[Image: lUs99Er.png]

[Image: oHVZjBk.png]

Right Click menu options:

[Image: vXFIO5q.png]

After successful conversion:

[Image: zyVxX6Y.png]

PDF to Excel:

[Image: IcBRrTb.png]

The program has a built-in high-quality PDF to Excel Converter with advanced table detection features, extract table from PDF to Excel Spreadsheet accurately. This tool easily converts PDF to Excel Spreadsheet. Two table detection methods are available for different PDF files. Many options are available for Excel conversion (see image)


This tool easily converts PDF to PowerPoint Slides (.pptx). the conversion service can keep the original PDF formatting accurately. This is a very useful feature as you can present the PDF in PowerPoint Slides easily.

Convert PDF to JPG:

[Image: 9TLTx8i.png]

[Image: BFv7i9D.png]

Convert PDF to images including JPG, PNG, BMP and more! The program has many options that let you choose the most common image formats, including png, jpg, BMP, tiff or gif. You can also customize the output quality, size, etc.

PDF to Pages:

[Image: 69pkKl8.png]

Convert PDF to editable Pages. This is useful for Mac or iOS users. The program converts PDF to iWork Pages for editing. iWork pages is the most popular word processor for Mac users. Converting PDF to iWork pages lets you easily edit PDF in Pages. Again the program Keeps the original formatting as precise as possible in Pages file, so you don't need to spend extra time on the original formatting.

PDF to Numbers:

[Image: dRZZ5oa.png]

[Image: jqOQNlQ.png]

Transfer data from PDF to Numbers. If you are using Mac or iOS, iWork Numbers is one of the best choices for data processing. You can quickly calculate or organize your data in Numbers. The program has advanced table detection features, extract table from PDF to Numbers accurately. Two table detection methods are available for different PDF files.

PDF to Keynote:

The program offers accurate quickly conversion of PDF to iWork Keynote, so you can present your document with Keynote, one of the most popular formats for presentation in Mac users.


[Image: ilghAS7.png]

Epub is definitely a better format for ebook reading. You can read your PDF ebook in a flowable format without scrolling all the time. In addition; it is supported by most of devices, such as iPad, iPhone and many free ebook readers. The program easily converts PDF to EPUB which will significantly improve your reading experience. There are output settings for this conversion process (see image)

Create PDF:

The program lets you easily convert office documents including Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents to PDF.  The program is professional, accurate and keeps all the original content in the output PDF. Also, images can be converted to PDF with high quality output. You can combine multiple images into a single PDF file. The program supports all kinds of images with flexible output options. In addition; you can customize the output file before conversion. For example, you can set a page size as you want, or decide whether to leave margins in PDF.

[Image: Ofusytq.png]

PDF Utility:

Encrypt PDF:

 [Image: MaSOb1q.png]

Protect PDF file with open password or restrictions. You can add password to open the file or to restrict many operations as copy, print and so on. The program supports 128bits encryption which make it impossible to crack your password on a regular computer.

Unlock PDF:

[Image: TutLyBw.png]

This feature helps you to remove PDF copying and printing restriction so that you can copy and print with no restrictions.

Combine PDF:

[Image: OdcaxGX.png]

[Image: 3J4PcbT.png]

You can easily combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file quickly. The process is very simple with just 3 steps; add files, arrange then combine

Split PDF:

[Image: f818KN5.png]

Sometimes you need to split PDF file to extract some pages for use in many aspects; for example, education, marketing and so on. CleverPDF will make this easy and save your time and effort. You can split the even or odd pages only, or split any pages you want.

Add PDF Watermark:

[Image: RLvxctK.png]

Watermark has an important value for many authors and companies as it maintains your ownership to a specific document. CleverPDF lets you insert text or image watermark to PDF. Text watermark lets you set rotation, font, font size and position. Image watermark lets you add your company logo to the file

Rotate PDF: you can rotate PDF file 90 or 180 degrees, you will specify the direction of rotation.

[Image: 8xgkR76.png]

Insert Page Number to PDF:

[Image: 4RdtYiV.png]

Using CleverPDF, users can quickly and easily add page numbers to the PDF files. You can customize the page number with flexible options. Choose the font style, size, positions according to your need.

Compress PDF:

[Image: Ilbbf7o.png]

This is a very useful built-in tool that lets users to easily shrink PDF file by optimizing the images size and quality, and removing unnecessary data. This makes it easy for you to send a smaller email attachment, and save your disk space.






The program is very easy to use, light with no slowing of the system, offers many useful PDF tools, the output quality is very good


No help files
No videos to show the different application features
No cloud space support through the application
The program needs Microsoft office to be installed


CleverPDF is all in one application that supports all PDF features you will ever need. You can convert PDF files to many popular formats. You can also convert office documents and images into PDF files. There are many other tools that are of great help as encrypt, unlock, combine, split, watermark of PDF files. The program offers you more features and functionality than the online free service and available at a reasonable price
thanks for great detailed review Heart Heart
This is disappointing!!! No one is interested to read or even learn some information about this application!!?

I installed and tried it and it is very good
I myself don't use programs like this but thanks for the review it was very interesting.
thanks for great detailed review
Thanks for great review Thumb
Great review, thanks! Smile
Meticulously done.
Thanks for the review.
Nice software, thanks for the review. That's how i discovered this suite. I will install it soon.

Thanks for the review  Program Looks good

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