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acronis protection backup efficient image cyber true best 2019 software

Acronis True Image 2019: the best backup software with efficient Cyber Protection
[Image: RuaxTAU.png]

Did you suffer system crash, virus or any kind of data loss? Backup as a solution for this problem is no longer enough. The amount of data to be saved has much increased each day. Data threats continue to increase with cybercriminals targeting backup files, which help users to restore their system and recover their data without having to pay a ransom. Since backups are now the target, users can no longer rely on backup alone. A new solution is required for today’s evolving threats.

Acronis True Image 2019 is designed to go beyond traditional data protection with a new level of cyber protection that is easy-to-use, efficient, and secure to home and home office users. It combines the superior backup technology with cutting-edge security features like blockchain-based data authentication and our proven, artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware defense.

15th Anniversary:

Acronis True Image 2019 is the 15th Anniversary Edition of the famous personal backup solution. It offers protection that keeps users data safe, accessible, private, authentic and secure

[Image: cw3RK8R.jpg]


Desktop (Windows):

Simply double click on the installer you have downloaded and follow simple steps till complete. Now start application and sign in or create an account. Finally enter the serial number sent to you after purchase to activate your program and enjoy all its features. That’s all!
The account lets users access cloud backups, mobile features, social network backups and remote backup management


Search for “Acronis Mobile” on the Android Google Play or the Apple App Store according to the type of your device. Use the consumer version and standard app installation steps.

iOS version:

Android version:

System Requirements:

1 GHz Processor
1 GB RAM, 1.5 GB of free space on a hard disk
CD-RW/DVD-RW drive or USB flash drive for bootable media creation (about 600 MB of free space is required)
Screen resolution is 1024 x 768
Mouse or other pointing device (recommended)
Internet Connection

[Image: TCiyr3W.png]

Limitations of the FREE TRIAL:

You can try the program for FREE for 30-days. During the trial you can use all features except Disk cloning. The cloud storage is 1000 Gb available during the trial. After the trial is over, the proram will stop working and Acronis Cloud works in recovery-only mode for 30 days before all your stored data deleted. you will need to upgrade to the full version if you wish to continue using Acronis True Image 2019. The most interesting is that the backup copies created using the trial version are not deleted and can be used again after you purchase a license.

User Interface:

[Image: GKZeWeA.png]

This is very friendly and easy to use. You can see main menu on the left side (include all application features) and backup menu in the upper part (shows backup, activity and recovery options)
The backup options include backup list, source and destination (local storage, cloud, USB…)
Lower part of the application shows statistics and buttons (action, options) 

Purchase and versions available for you:

[Image: t6eWyIU.png]

Premium Subscription features: 

As data use and online threats evolve, how files, apps and systems are protected must evolve too. Acronis delivers cyber protection built on the most cutting-edge technologies to ensure your data is:

[Image: s2nE0Aj.png]

Acronis True Image Notary (Blockchain):

[b][Image: PiKZhT6.png][/b]

Blockchain technology proves that a file is authentic and unchanged since it was backed up. ATI 2019 is the first backup app that use this technology. It depends on cryptographic “fingerprint” hash of each file unique for each file. Any change of the file results in change of the fingerprint

This feature adds more confidence to the authenticity of your data. As a result, you are sure the file is unchanged in the future and you can validate any file if authentic and unchanged from the backup. This is important in many events; for example court documents

To use this tool, simply choose Notarized backup from the backup list and select the file or folder you like then start. That’s all!

Acronis ASign: 

[Image: Mir3wq1.png]

This online-service allows multiple people to sign a file electronically. The service is available to any file saved in a backup in Acronis Cloud. All you have to do is to login to your cloud account, select document and send to the signee using his email address. The signee receives an email with a unique URL for the page that is collecting signatures. Finally, you will receive an email notification that the process is complete

Features and Highlights:

[Image: 200gmOq.png]

All the tools. One simple interface.

No other solution offers such a range of powerful protection tools, all through an informative, easy-to-use dashboard.

[Image: kBHtmNp.png]

Modern protection against modern threats

Get the only backup solution with an artificial intelligence-based defense against ransomware, which actively detects, stops and automatically reverses the effects of unauthorized encryption.

[Image: n94KwQq.png]

[Image: kytIfAA.png]

Discussion of the Features and Uses of Acronis True Image 2019:

[Image: vSmWRZ6.png]

This is the main feature in the application. It is very easy and professional so that you can easily backup and restore your data

You can back up your entire PC to a USB drive. The process is very easy, plug your USB drive where you want to save the backup files. Now select the source as your entire computer with all drives and partitions even the hidden ones. The destination will be your USB drive. Finally start. That’s all! You can enjoy working on your PC while the whole process is running in the background

[Image: PateGdb.png]

Types of Backup:

File or Folder backup: compressed and stored
Drive/Partition image
Whole (Entire) PC: this is full backup
Incremental backup: includes only the files changed from the last backup
Differential Backup:  includes files which have been changed since the lasr full backup
Acronis Nonstop Backup: provides easy protection of your disks and files

Back Up to the Acronis Cloud:

This is done using the same steps discussed in USB drive with only one difference that the destination will be your cloud space instead of the USB drive. You can backup your entire PC, specific drives or the files and folders you want. To create the cloud space automatically for you you must be signed into your acronis account. The first time you do this type of backup will need sometime depending on the amount of data you want to backup. Future incremental backups will be much faster according to the data changed. After the process is complete you will see schedule and statistics for next backup

Backup Options: as schedule, scheme, notifications, excluded files and advanced options

[Image: OhXCxjj.png]

Using backup schemes and scheduler, you can set set your backup strategy. The schemes allow you to choose type of backup,  optimize backup storage space usage, improve data storage reliability, and automatically delete the obsolete backup versions.

Cloud Sync Creation:

[Image: UL9XV7t.png]

This is a built-in feature that lets you synchronize your files and folders between your computers where Acronis True Image is installed. Simply select sync then cloud sync so that sync folder is created. Now sync your data and connect to your acronis account if you want to view or recover files from the Sync folder online.

Mobile Backup and Recovery:

Mobile backup protects the data on your mobile device, you can easily recover in any type of corruption or loss. This feature will also make it easy to transfer the data and settings from your old smartphone to a new one, for example photos, videos, contacts, messages and so on. The process is very easy, all you have to do is to select mobile device as the source of backup and follow same steps of backup process. Remember that you need to install ATI 2019 on your smartphone, connect to the same network and do pairing of your devices with QR code

Social Media Backup and Recovery:

Safeguard your memories and contacts from your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Back up photos, videos, profile information and more in case that data is accidently deleted or hacked. Simply, choose Social network backup as your backup source and login to your acronis account.

Archiving of Data:

[Image: Wxd7Yo5.png]

This useful feature lets you free up some disk space through storage or save of your old and large files and folders in external drive or cloud space. Most of these data are important but no longer used by the user currently. Using archiving tool you can select the files and folders you want to archive and the destination you wish for archiving. This can be the cloud space or custom location (for example USB Flash). You can restore these files easily if you want. If stored locally, simply open Finder, and then click Acronis Drive under Favorites meanwhile if stored on the cloud you can access it using acronis account and download again

These data can be encrypted using password for more protection of your data against unauthorized access. The most interesting is that the application keep all versions of your files. This means that if your files that have been changed and uploaded to Acronis Cloud several times, Acronis True Image 2019 keeps all the modifications in different file versions. You can easily choose a previous file version and download it to your device.

This archiving tool is important and can help users in many other ways. You can easily access of cloud archive from any device. For example; you can create public links to share the files with your friends or to post them to forums and social networks.

Recovery from Boot Media:

This feature will save all your data if your system is crashed or failed to boot from any reason; for example, hardware error or virus attack. Simply use the created or purchased bootable media (CD or DVD or USB Drive) from acronis to boot your computer then plug recovery USB drive to start the recovery process

If you want to create recovery media, simply click Tools on the sidebar then click Rescue Media Builder and follow simple steps


If this doesn’t help you or fail to boot your system, you can use WinPE.  WinPE stands for Windows Preinstallation Environment. Running Acronis True Image 2019 in the preinstallation environment may provide better compatibility with your computer’s hardware because the preinstallation environment uses Windows drivers. Some components need to be downloaded to use WinPE

Acronis Tools and utilities: 

This includes protection tools, mounting tools, clone disk utility, security and privacy utilities, and disk management utilities.

[Image: p9U8ftz.png]

Protection tools:

Acronis Universal Restore media:  helps to recover an image on a computer with a dissimilar hardware configuration

Acronis Startup Recovery Manager: Allows you to start ATI 2019 without loading the operating system by pressing F11 at boot time before the operating system starts.

Rescue Media Builder

Acronis Secure Zone: Allows you to store your backups in a special safe partition on your disk.

Try&Decide: Try any unsafe operation in the Try mode and then decide whether to apply or discard it.

Disk cloning: Used to clone your hard disk drive by copying the partitions to another hard disk.

[Image: G3zftSL.png]

Security and privacy:

Acronis DriveCleanser: provides for secure destruction of data on your hard disk.

System Clean-up: lets you clean up components (such as folders, files, registry sections, etc.), related to general system tasks. This will maintain confidentiality and remove any evidence of user activity.

Acronis Active Protection: protects your computer from ransomware through blocking any process trying to encrypt your files and recover the affected files.

Disk management:

Add new disk: This will help you to prepare the new hard disk drive by creating and formatting new partitions.

Image mounting:

Mount image: using this tool, you can assign temporary drive letters to the partition images and easily access these images.

Unmount image:  This tool lets you unmount the temporary drives created to explore an image.

What’s New in Acronis True Image 2019?

Acronis Survival Kit to create an all-in-one bootable media and backup tool on an external hard drive
Acronis Active Protection improvements extend anti-ransomware protection to NAS and network shares
Improved file backup to cloud that improves speed and performance of cloud backup operations
Backup upon USB attachment scheduling, so the process automatically starts when the device connects
Backup cleanup feature let’s you review backup versions and delete old copies to free up disk space
Improved WinPE media supports network adapters, configures network settings, and automatically searches for drivers to add to media

Acronis Survival Kit:

This is an external drive that contains everything that you need to recover your computer in case of a failure.  The Acronis bootable media files and a backup of your system partition or entire computer.

[Image: 7Q27Vtj.png]

[Image: xp8Gq0o.png]

[Image: WG5AOsG.png]

[Image: mTcPzVV.png]

[Image: huGE0Nk.png]

Acronis Active Protection:

[Image: JBXLdmu.png]

It is the only backup software that actively detects and stops ransomware (for example WannaCry and Petya) and automatically restores affected files. This is done Using artificial intelligence, behavioral heuristics and machine learning. In addition, it includes self-defense technologies to counter attempts to encrypt or corrupt backup files.

Enhancements in Acronis Active Protection 2.0:

Detects an attack vector used by ransomware using process stack trace analysis
Verifies all processes to ensure approved activities and stopping potentially dangerous behavior.
Suspicious processes were renamed to Monitored for better user experience.
Real process name is shown for the scripts injected to the trusted software.
Updated special heuristics analyze system processes.
You can see safe and monitored processes that can affect your system.
What’s New updates users on the latest ransomware threats (e.g. Wannacry,)
Summary of the recovered files and blocked processes
Protects your cloud backups which can be compromised via stolen credentials or other type of injection into the Windows process of True Image or similar program.
local backup files are also protected with Acronis True image and if you want to modify or delete you will need to grant permission for a trusted app to do this
Network shares and NAS protection.
Split settings for backup protection, self-defense and MBR protection.

Backup Clean Feature:

[Image: 1U6KwyO.png]


ATI 2019 is a comprehensive solution that allows users to make full image backups to both local and cloud storage, or clone an active system disk on either a Windows or Mac machines. It strengthens your control over data protection and management. You will never lose any file. It is a powerful backup/Recovery application with many tools and features that will make it easy to backup all your data and recover at any time. The built-in ransomware shield and blockchain authentication technologies establishes a new standard in cyber protection and protect your backup data



Premium Subscription:

All Features in Details:

New Features:

Comparison between standard, advanced and premium versions:



User Guide:



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