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dvdfab mp3 youtube

tarekma7Promo2day Review DVDFab YouTube to MP3
[Image: dyJZ5yX.png?1]

Convert YouTube Videos to Local MP3s. 

Stop Streaming & Save Your Data Plan

YouTube lets you enjoy both video and music. There are hundreds of music channels with great music videos, concerts and albums. However, you may have some problems when playing songs on the YouTube mobile app. This is because playback will stop if the free YouTube app is not at front and center of the screen. Its premium version does allow background playback, though it's still not possible to transfer the downloaded files to other playback devices.

To fix this flaw, you can use DVDFab YouTube to MP3. This is a handy utility that runs from within DVDFab and provides high quality MP3s from videos on YouTube. It allows music fans to convert YouTube videos to MP3 tracks saved on computer HDDs. 

MP3 is the most popular audio format and supported on all of your devices. You can easily transfer and enjoy listening to the converted MP3 audio files to any device you have. For example; smart phone, classic iPod music player, or a smart watch. 

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 allows you to take your favorite YouTube songs everywhere with no need for the YouTube app and no longer need to stream.


 [Image: fNGt6Y4.png]

First you have to install and open the latest version of DVDFab, then click the Utilities Icon (right hand side of DVDFab window). Finally, Click on "YouTube to MP3" on the list. The Converter will be downloaded and installed automatically

Convert YouTube Music to MP3s to Enjoy Everywhere

The user interface is very friendly and the program is easy to use. Simply paste the URLs of your favorite YouTube videos into YouTube to MP3 converter. The program lets you convert any music videos to 320 kbps high quality MP3 files. You can enjoy your favorite your favorite YouTube songs anytime and using any portable devices such as an iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano. The program is totally free for you to download single videos one by one.

Download and Convert an Entire Playlist at One Go

[Image: 5lZDYOF.png]

This useful feature is supported in the Pro version of the application. It will save your time and effort especially if you want to download and convert an entire playlist. If you are going to convert one or just a couple of videos, copying & pasting each URL to download and convert won't cost you too much of time. However, if it's an entire playlist which contains dozens of songs, copying & pasting the URL one by one to download won't be a pleasant experience at all. But don't worry! If the URL is recognized as a playlist after being analyzed, the Pro version of this YouTube MP3 converter software will give you the extra option to download and convert all the videos under that playlist at one go. In this way, you can get all the songs in a playlist with no sweat.

Download the Metadata and Apply to the Output MP3s

[Image: Sjfo2Z9.png]

When downloading videos from YouTube, the metadata information, including the cover art, artist, title and others, will also be downloaded. These data will be retained after being converted to MP3 files. If you play back the MP3 files on compatible devices, all the information will be displayed.

VIP Speed to Accelerate the Download and Conversion

[Image: S1IHtoU.png]

This built-in feature will help you if you plan to download an entire playlist that contains dozens of videos or if you have several playlists to be downloaded. Once the VIP Speed is turned on, the download and conversion process can be 2X faster. You will not wait long to download and convert an entire playlist.

Multi-Thread to Download 5 Videos Simultaneously
[Image: PVlRg65.jpg]

The free version of the application lets you download thread at a time, only one task can be processed if you are using a playlist, with others waiting in the queue. If don't want to wait, you can enable the Multi-Thread Download feature which is available only to the Pro version. This feature make it easy to process several download threads simultaneously, with an upper limit of 5 threads at most.


[Image: uptOZXn.png]

How to use the program?

Open in your web browser then select the clip that you want to use to make an MP3 and allow it to begin playing. Now, launch DVDFab 10 and navigate to the YouTube to MP3 tool under the Utility tab. Click the "Paste URL" button and paste the copied URL to analyze. If a single clip is selected, the download will begin automatically. If the URL contains more than one video or playlist, you have to select which ones to download and convert. Last step; wait for the download and conversion to complete then transfer the output MP3 files to your playback device.

[Image: QAfvcbI.jpg]

 [Image: 2sbVm1k.png]

[Image: WgEt2EM.jpg]

[Image: jRquQq2.png]


System Requirements

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32/64 bit)
Core 2 Quad and above
2GB of RAM
10GB of free hard disk space
A live Internet connection

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