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I would like to thank Tapatalk Team for First on the Web Exclusive Giveaway of VIP membership for Tapatalk

Giveaway will end September 20, 2018

Tapatalk: Your Community on the Go

Tapatalk is the leading social app that aggregates discussions from forums all over the internet

Tapatalk connects all communities and enthusiasts under a single platform where community leaders have the incentive to help other members and to sustain great discussions on the internet. 

There are two types of Tapatalk; mobile and groups. Tapatalk makes forums mobile (Tapatalk Mobile) with speed of a native app and a streamlined unified interface.
Tapatalk Groups is a community platform that covers desktop, mobile web and mobile native app. It allows you to run the entire community within Tapatalk without worrying about spam, software upgrade, mobile access, infrastructure and monetization.

Sign Up for Tapatalk account here:

Tapatalk Mobile:

With over half of your community's traffic coming from mobile, Tapatalk Mobile App lifts your community's engagement on mobile. Tapatalk Mobile App layers on top of your existing community software to provide a seamless mobile experience for your members. The solution works on almost all major community software systems and your members can access your community on the Tapatalk Mobile App. It's free to both you and your members.

Mobile app shows 5 buttons to make it easy for you to use:

Feed: this will let you easily have all new topics in your favorite groups

Groups: These are the groups you are registered in

Messages: these are the private messages you sent or received from other forum members

Notifications: these are your notifications and subscribed topics delivered to your mobile

Account: you can upgrade your account to VIP through your account on Tapatalk (US$0.99 per month subscription)

Search Function: If you want to search for any forum or group, simply use the search feature built-in the application. You can use the first few letters to see the full name of the forum or group 

Tapatalk Groups

Tapatalk Groups is an end-to-end, fully managed community platform. You will get services such as Social Sign On, Spam Prevention, Questionable Content Detection, Ability to accept Member Donations, Premium Membership Subscription, Automatic Newsletters, SEO and more, to help you to run a great, sustainable community. In addition, it works seamlessly on desktop, mobile web, and award winning mobile native app for both iOS and Android. 

You can easily start a new community today HERE:


Migrate your Forum to Tapatalk Groups:

Tapatalk Groups is fully compatible with ALL traditional forum systems. Migration service ensures that all your posts, attachments, pictures and permissions, domain URLs and even Google SEO can be migrated seamlessly. In addition, you can preview before anything is actually moved. Moreover, you will keep full control and ownership of your content! Tapatalk Groups help you to save time from dealing with infrastructure, increase your revenue and lower your costs.


We have 20 VIP membership for Taptalk application, each one is valid for 1 month

If you want to win FREE one month VIP membership; leave a reply below

[Optional] Share on social media so that your friends get informed about our giveaway

License claim needs to send the email address and username on Tapatalk to activate VIP membership

Good Luck for All!
Hi, please count me in
Anyone want to try VIP membership on Tapatalk for 1 month for FREE?

i will extend the giveaway for few more days, if no one interested, the giveaway will end
Thanks for the giveaway
Giveaway ends, all users who posted here are winners

Please send me the emails associated with your Tapatalk app to be upgraded for VIP membership
I have confirmation from the developer that license is sent to the winners...congratulations

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