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Update New Changes in Promo2day Forum
Hi All

The following new features were added in the forum:

1. Alerts: with the settings option located in user CP

2. New Spoiler feature: NEW Button located in the editor with easier use

3. Hide feature: added but not in the editor. You can use [x/hide] code (remove x)

4. Tags: all new threads will have tags located above the topic and depends mainly on the title and to some extent the content

5. Mood: you can set your mode and it will appear in your profile

6. Profile comments: you can add comments or messages on users profiles

7. List of Visitors: you can see all members who visited your profile today

8. Two Factor Authentication: This option was activated if you are interested

9. Search: search function was improved

10. Thread Prefix: which is also available through search feature. For example you can limit search to all topics with the prefix "Promo2day Contest" 

11. Tapatalk app: the forum is active on Tapatalk and you can reply, read your PMs and have alerts easily on your smartphone

If you have any comments or you find bugs, please let me know or reply here
I will update this topic with all new features
Special Thanks
very good update Thank you
Two post rule is present here:

Simple two posts are required to access certain sections in the forum (in the giveaway section)
All the required and important changes done. Thanks.
So far very good changes which give the forum a very good new look. Thanks to Mike Tarekma Cool Baziroll & others hard work, suggestions & help in implementing all this positive updates & upgrades.
Mood Plugin updated
Avatars are now active on the index page, thread list and user CP
(09-07-2018 , 10:27 PM)tarekma7 Wrote: Avatars are now active on the index page, thread list and user CP

Is there a way to turn that off on my account?
My profile comments and Visitors of profile plugin is extremely buggy and causes many problems here

After update to the current version, still causing many problems

I deactivated it after many times trying

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