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Personal Giveaway Random steam game
Hi, Got some game Humble gift links & key left. I think they're global but you gotta check it & hope it will work. I don't have steam so could not use or test myself. 1 game for 1 user.
games listed below.

Lakeview Cabin Collection
Layers of Fear
Making History: The Great War

This is the first batch I matched games with the links & key. I may have some others left too. I am not sure if there will be good participation so making this first one as first come first serve basis. Please mention if I should randomise next time for a more fair chance. Big Grin (in case of more entries than games, of course Tongue )
Can I please have Pinstripe and thank you Smile
excellent thank you so much
Layers of Fear Heart
redeem it thank you tregs_beales Heart Heart Thumb
Thanks a lot for the giveaway

You can add any rules you want even with no randomisation, First come first serve is one of the available giveaways

There are many modifications according to your wish. For example; new users, certain number of posts, add a comment about P2D, make us laugh......

Please don't count me

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