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WebAnimator plus

Want more?
If you're already familiar with HTML5 and CSS web animations, WebAnimator plus is the perfect choice for maximum customization of your content using a simple JavaScript editor.

WebAnimator v3 news

All the new features are available for both WebAnimator now as well as WebAnimator plus
Graphic interface
The interface boasts a new, flat design and integrated panels instead of the former superimposed look.

Video Object [only for WebAnimator plus]
We added the option of inserting a video by simply entering the YouTube URL.

Responsive animations
You can design your animations to be responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to the browser window's dimensions.

Google Font preview
Now you can view your chosen Google Fonts directly from the stage than only in the external browser preview.

Adding objects
You can add objects directly with one click, no need to drag the icon from the toolbar to the stage.

Animation properties
From the Properties menu, you can see how properties change when an effect is activated.
Text Editor
Syntax Highlighting in the editor now lets you enter text.

Image library
More than 1 million royalty-free images are available in the library for you to import directly into your projects.

Vector images
We added the option of importing SVG vector images.

New effect pre-sets
5 new effect presets added to those already available.

Internal engine
Replace your internal rendering engine with Chromium to increase speed and improve design functions.

Copy/Pase Management
Now you can copy and paste key image frames as well as objects with associated key frames.

Shape Object
You can use more shapes than just the rectangle and the circle, choosing from a library of shape presets.

[Image: 18p005v1-box-3.gif]

Free your imagination

Whether you're working on a video presentation, a creative website, or a logo for a client, you don't need to be a professional to create something unique. Relax and let your creativity run free to impress clients, users, and friends.

Simple user Interface
WebAnimator has an intuitive interface so you can easily create your own animations. You can design and publish your animated content in HTML5 by managing events.

Drag & Drop
Use the simple Drag&Drop feature to place objects and divide your content into individual scenes. Add keyframes to the timeline like a movie director would do.

Learn how to customize your website in minutes with ready-made animation presets and built-in effects. Choose a template: WebAnimator will do the rest.

Responsive design
WebAnimator video animations and interactive objects work wonderfully on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Animated backgrounds
Want to improve your website? Try animating the background or foreground elements, or add a waterfall effect for objects. Animations in loop are an easy way to add a lot of character.

Banners, menus, buttons
Catch users' attention with animated menus, icons and buttons, guide them where you want. Use WebAnimator to create banners, download the HTML5 code, and add it to your website.

Interactive presentations
With HTML animations, you can present your ideas or products effectively. Get the most from every project by actively involving your audience.

WebAnimator, the perfect software for....

Powerful business presentations

Want to generate traffic and improve your online sales? Enhance your website, presentations and banners with animations and effects that capture your audience. An improved user experience draws in new users and converts them into potential clients.

Interactive lessons
Sharing your knowledge is the best gift you can give to your students. That's why we've designed our products to be as attention-grabbing as possible so, you can teach your students using your full potential.

Free time
Creativity and fun
WebAnimator is the tool you didn't know you craved. You can use it to make fun gifs to share with your friends, or customized banners to publish on your website.

WebAnimator API
Are you a developer? Access all of WebAnimator's functions and integrate the API into your projects.

I would like to thank Julia bohmerangpr for sponsoring licenses for Promo2day users.


Number of Licenses - 

Validity of each license: 

Value of each license - 60 or 90 $

Giveaway ends and Winners announced: 10 october 2018

Winners will be selected by Random.org

1 place - winners  plus
2 place - winners  now


To have a chance to win a license key for WebAnimator PLUS i NOW ; Please follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or G+ and Post the share link with your comment below.

2. I encourage comments about "why you want to win a license?"

Winners must contact me within 2 days after giveaway ends to claim their win. If a winner does not respond to me within that time-frame, their win will be void.
Thank you very much for the competition!

I would like to win a license for this program ( Webanimator Plus ), because I'm a programmer by profession and such a program would help me in my daily work. I had a license for an earlier version of the program. I dream of winning a license for a newer version of the program, which is why I'm counting on luck in the lottery.

Google Plus
Thank you for the giveaway! WebAnimator is powerful and very easy to use utility to create web animations. I have the "Go" version now and I would like to upgrade it to Plus or Now. I could use it to make animations for my website.

Thanks a lot for the giveaway. The program has many good and unique features that let you do the maximum customization of your content using a simple JavaScript editor. If you want to generate traffic and improve your online sales;the program is the best choice to enhance your website, presentations and banners with animations and effects that capture your audience. 

Twitter share

I have used version 2 of webanimtor plus and found it to be a straightforward and easy to use software for creating animations. I like the new version's following features- 1.Video Object [only for WebAnimator plus]
Option of inserting a video by simply entering the YouTube URL. 2. Adding objects
One can add objects directly with one click, no need to drag the icon from the toolbar to the stage. I also found it very lightweight.
Thanks for the giveaway, Julia bohmerangpr & @asus73! Hope to win a license  Smile

WebAnimator is the perfect software for business presentations to generate traffic, enhances my website, presentations and banners with animations and effects. In every new version they're improving a lot in terms of quality and reliability.

FB share: https://www.facebook.com/aleinrundee/pos...6868638840
I want to win a license for this program so that I can make advanced animations on my website.

Thanks a lot for the giveaway asus73.
I would like to win a license for this software in order to enhance the experience i will have with Website X5 software as this solution will add more interesting options to a real website builder software.
My share below:
thanks for excellent giveaway. Heart Heart
WebAnimator its simple interface  and just by drag and drop and with help of templete can help to create animated gif
it has many lovely feature

Thans for the giveaway.
I would like win WebAnimator to create many animated object for my website.

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