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Everyone knows the frustration of a Windows system becoming progressively

slower the longer it is used and burdened with more software and data.
With over 100 million licenses sold, Diskeeper has been the undisputed leader
in keeping Windows systems running like new. Diskeeper 18 with DRAM caching
builds on the powerful legacy of Diskeeper by going well beyond just keeping
Windows systems running like new but actually guarantees to fix your worst
performing physical servers or Windows PCs with faster than new performance
or your money back for 90 days—no questions asked. Simply install and watch
performance problems disappear – no reboot required.

Diskeeper 18 Now With DRAM Caching
Instead of “defragging,” Diskeeper 18’s patented engine ensures large, clean contiguous writes from Windows so
fragmentation is no longer an issue for HDDs or SSDs. This eliminates the “death by a thousand cuts” scenario of small,
tiny writes that inflates I/Os per second, robs throughput, and shortens the lifespan of HDDs and SSDs alike. Diskeeper
18 delivers dramatic improvements to Windows system performance with the new addition of dynamic memory caching—
using idle, available DRAM to serve hot reads without creating an issue of memory starvation or resource contention.
The latest PCMark benchmarks reveal that Diskeeper 18 increases the performance of Microsoft Office by 73%. Diskeeper
18 Server speeds system performance of the most I/O intensive applications like those running on MS-SQL Server.
Intel Iometer tests that simulate MS-SQL workloads according to Microsoft’s specs on physical servers, show that
Diskeeper 18 Server can boost performance by as much as 10X depending on the amount of available DRAM that can
be leveraged for cache.

Diskeeper 18 with Write and Read Optimizations
Where typical defragmentation utilities consume resources to operate and deal with fragmentation only after the
performance penalty has already been incurred, Diskeeper 18 is the only proactive solution that solves the problem
in real-time while running transparently in the background, eliminating fragmentation issues from occurring on HDDs,
SSDs, and SAN storage systems while also eliminating the IOPS inflation from many small writes and reads. Diskeeper
18 boosts performance faster than new with DRAM caching. The real genius in Diskeeper’s newest engine is that
nothing has to be allocated for cache. Diskeeper dynamically uses only what is idle and available at any given moment
and throttles according to the need of the application. If memory is under-provisioned and the application or processes
ask for some or all memory, the caching engine throttles back. However, with as little as 4GB of available DRAM that
can be leveraged for cache, Diskeeper commonly serves 50% of read traffic straight from memory which is 15X faster
than SSDs.
The net effect of both fragmentation elimination and DRAM caching means Diskeeper 18 offloads a minimum of
30-40% of I/O traffic while systems with a little more DRAM see upwards of 50% for big performance gains. Since
Diskeeper is transparent, “set-and-forget” software, and operates with near zero overhead as a lightweight file system
driver, organizations achieve significant performance gains without management or system resource overhead.

Enhanced Reporting
If you never knew how much Windows inefficiencies were robbing system performance, Diskeeper 18 calculates time
saved from eliminating unnecessary I/O traffic to underlying storage via proactive fragmentation elimination and
caching hot reads from idle DRAM. Diskeeper 18 enables IT Administrators can see the percentage of all read and write
traffic offloaded from storage by Diskeeper and see how much I/O capacity has been handed back to underlying SSD
and/or HDD storage.


I would like to thank Spencer Allingham  Condusiv for sponsoring licenses for Promo2day users


Number of Licenses - 5

Validity of each license: lifetime 18.x

Value of each license - $89.95 

Giveaway ends and Winners announced: 24 October 2018

Winners will be selected by Random.org


To have a chance to win a license key for Diskeeper 18 Professional ; Please follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or G+ and Post the share link with your comment below.

2. I encourage comments about "why you want to win a license?"

Winners must contact me within 2 days after giveaway ends to claim their win. If a winner does not respond to me within that time-frame, their win will be void.

Winners - full name, email
Thx for awesome giveaway contset

My share

I want Diskkeeper, because it promises to improve performance on slower computers and servers. I would like to test the DRAM caching feature which will make a PC better than new.

It is the best defragmentation program.
Thanks for the giveaway

I want to win a license for Diskeeper 18 to keep my hard drives and my computer always at top speed.

My Twitter Share
Thank you for the giveaway! Diskeeper is the smartest solution that prevents fragmentation in real-time and improves disk performance. I would like to win a license so I can speed up my PC work.

Thanks alot asus73 for this Great GiveAway.



I want to win a license becuase i have used Diskeeper for some years and it's one of the best defragment tools.
A friend of mine, who is a software engineer, uses and loves this software. I trust his opinion along with many rave reviews I have found on the internet.
Great software giveaway contest.  Smile

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Google+ share
an excellent program for system optimization, defragmentation of disks as well as RAM.

I want to win this program because it will improve the performance of my computer. Smile
Thanks for the giveaway.
I want to win Diskeeper 18 Professional for Windows defragmentation that runs several times faster than the built-in defragmentation tools. The program uses a minimum of system resources to maintain maximum performance. Defragmentation runs in the background without interfering with work. In contrast to the Defragmenter with manual control, this program has been implemented in accordance with the schedule of automatic defragmentation.

G +

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