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Giveaway Computer Bild Download Advent Calendar 2018
Day 20
Abelssoft VoucherMaker - Free full version:

[Image: 1826855VM2.jpg]

With the "VoucherMaker" you can design individual vouchers for all occasions from Christmas to birthdays to the wedding. The free full version, which you get exclusively from COMPUTER BILD, offers numerous templates that you can creatively adapt to your needs with pictures, texts, stamps and speech bubbles. Alternatively, you can design completely new gift vouchers. You can print the finished present as a PNG, JPEG, BMP or PDF file and post it on Twitter or Facebook.


Download Full Version:
Day 21
Ashampoo Backup 2018 Full Version:

[Image: 4905242Ashampoo.jpg]

With Ashampoo Backup 2018 you do not forget anything for data backup! The program copies complete partitions and restores Windows in case of error.

Exclusively with COMPUTER BILD: With the free full version of "Ashampoo Backup 2018" you can backup and restore partitions and hard disks on your PC and a network drive or on an external hard drive or a USB stick. The successor to Ocster Backup Easy creates backups in the background. The contents of a backup copy can be restored directly from the tool or opened as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer. As soon as the computer needs the system resources for other processes, "Ashampoo Backup 2018" pauses the backup automatically. Click on the "Verify" button to check the archive for completeness.


Download Full Version:
Day 22
Photo Works Projects 3 Elements :

[Image: vcHJdwe.jpg]

With Photo Works, you can paint colorless or pale pictures with upbeat filters. With COMPUTER BILD there is the full version of the photo program for free!

With "Photo Works Projects 3 Elements", even beginners can optimize their digital photos on the PC with just a few mouse clicks. The image editor provides you with 75 presets for portraits, architecture and landscape shots, which effectively improve contrast, brightness and color luminosity. If desired, you can disable individual effects or change the parameters. In addition, filters are available that simulate analogue photographic films. Convenient: Thanks to batch processing, you apply an effect to multiple photos right away. The result stores the software "Photo Works Projects 3 Elements", which is available exclusively as a free full version for download from COMPUTER BILD, as a TIFF, JPEG or PNG image


Download Full Version:
Day 23
PC Cleaner 2019(Computer-Bild-Edition)

[Image: cviytnF.jpg]

The new PC-Aufräumer 2019 puts an end to file chaos on the computer. The free special version of COMPUTER BILD automatically sorts your files.

The free "PC-Aufräumer" sorts the files on your Windows computer fully automatically. This saves you time in organizing your data. With the COMPUTER BILD Edition, available for free download, you can analyze defined folders for images, documents, videos or audio files and have them copied, moved or deleted according to defined rules. For example, this will automatically move downloaded YouTube videos from the download directory to a specific folder. In addition to the standard rules for video or audio, the PC Cleaner allows you to set your own rules for which you can specify additional conditions such as the type, name, age, and location of the files. In addition, the Windows program is able to independently rearrange external storage media such as USB sticks when connecting to the computer.

Day 24
Exclusive game full versions:

[Image: 1692681CBE_Day_24_24_Games.jpg]

With these exclusive game downloads you save over COMPUTER BILD over 230 euros! The games offer lots of puzzle fun and challenge the skill of the player.

Knifflige puzzle adventure, entertaining 3-Gewinnt games and Knobelkracher for the whole family sometimes cost in the download shop a lot of money. But there are also good games for free, even as a full version. The COMPUTER PICTURE GAMES download section offers numerous free games from many areas that can quite possibly compete with expensive full-price titles. The best: You will also find games that are usually charged. Browse through the gallery and enjoy the COMPUTER BILD SPIELE exclusive titles worth a total of € 233!


Schirmfoto 2019 (COMPUTER BILD-Edition)

[Image: 2019-06-06_223119.1559849501.jpg]
Capture screenshots, customize them by using various tools, such as Pencil, Marker, Black Painter or Text Box, and save them on your PC or share them

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