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review professional giveaway recovery easeus wizards data

Promo2day Contest EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional Review and Giveaway
[Image: drw-pro-200x200.png]

Do you remember last time you have lost your data because of virus attack, formatting, partition loss? Do you remember what was your feeling by that time? Do you have a backup copy of all your data or some important data were permanently lost?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is one of the best data recovery software to easily and quickly recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from your PC, laptop, or removable devices.

No need to frustrate anymore. You don’t have to worry about your important data. There is still a good chance to recover your important files. All you have to do is to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizards Professional. It will help you to recover your lost data whatever the cause and gets you out of trouble. The program helped a lot of users rescue their data from hard drive and storage media 

Version: 12.8

Release date:  November 27, 2018

System Requirements:

Operating System: The program supports all windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10, both 32-64 bit. It also supports Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
File System: FAT(FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2, ext3, HFS+
CPU: at least with x86.
RAM: at least 128 MB.
Disk Space: the minimum of the space for installing Data Recovery Wizard is 32 MB.


The program can be downloaded from the official website. Just visit the homepage or simply use this direct link:


The program can be easily installed. All you have to do is to double click on the downloaded file and follow simple on screen instructions. Finally, you will have the program installed on your computer. Please remember that the program must be installed on a partition other than that where you want to recover your data. This can lead to permanent loss of data

Free Version Recover 2GB Data for FREE

Users can instantly recover 500MB data with Data Recovery Wizard Free. Share the software on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to grow to a limit of 2GB. Download and follow the instructions to unlock your 2GB.

[Image: jJG5a5e.png]

If you want to restore all your lost files, you will have to purchase a license key for the program. This will let you enjoy all its features and recover all your files.

Comparison of different editions:

[Image: VN0WO5o.png]

Purchase and registration:

The license key for the program can be easily purchased from the official website. The price is reasonable and the license will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

Open the program, copy and paste the key while connected to the internet, the program will be registered.

Languages supported:

[Image: Kt27gmf.png?1]

The program supports many languages so that you can enjoy using the program in your own language. Languages supported include: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Japanese, Nederlands, China, Svenska, Dansk


Accidentally Deleted Files Recovery: Quickly recover data from unexpected lost caused by accidentally deletion or affected by virus attack.

Formatted Recovery: Formatting a disk does not erase the data on the disk, only the data on the address tables. You can still retrieve your lost data after a format on your device.

Recycle Bin Empty Data Recovery: You can filter scanning results by file type and selectively recover filed deleted after emptying the recycle bin.

Lost Partition Recovery: Even if your whole partition is missing or cannot be recognized by system, your data is still recoverable.

Hard Drive Damage: When a hard drive is corrupted, it become inaccessible. EaseUS data recovery Free allows users to find data again.

Virus Attack Recovery: Virus attacks are annoying and can make your computer not work normally. This tool can recover your data safely and quickly.

OS Crash Recovery: Recover files from a crashed Windows operating system. EaseUS provides a downloadable WinPE bootable media so that you can start your computer and recover lost data.

RAW Partition Recovery: If your hard disk or partition suddenly becomes RAW and you cannot get to the stored data, download the best free data recovery software to regain access.

Support a lot of storage media

Cover a lot of file types

Fast, Easy to use

Let you specify file types to recover before start of scanning

Helps to filter the results by name/type/date to easily retrieve lost files.

Let you preview files before recovery

Clear and intuitive user interface

Quick scan and deep scan ensure to precisely find lost data at most.

Step by step file recovery that guides you even if you are a beginner

Recover lost files with no risk to overwrite original data

Offers a bootable media that is very important to solve system bootable problems when starting the recovery project.

Let you select the destination where you want to save recovered files

Multilingual; the program supports many languages to suite your needs

Supports windows 10

New Features:

Enhanced recovery for original file names and directory structure of lost data.

Optimized search function and added more filter options for more precise recovery.

Detect files faster with new scanning technology.
Improved preview support provides better file-type coverage.

Full changelog here:

200+ File Types Supported

Restore document, photo, music, video, audio, email in multiple file formats

[Image: Exjal1U.png]

Storage Devices Supported

This data recovery solution makes the best recovery performance on different storage media, like PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, USB drive, SD card or digital camera

[Image: m4dbHQl.png]

Support All "Data Loss Scenarios" Recovery

Deleted File Recovery:

Deleting files by right-clicking menu or just pressing ‘Delete’ button.

File loss due to ‘Shift+Del’ without backup.

File loss due to emptying Recycle Bin.

Unformat and Raw Recovery:

Unexpectedly formatting disk, partition or other storage devices.

Data loss due to hard drive crash, system crash or Windows reinstallation.

Raw partition, disk displays as RAW or 'Media/Drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?'

Sudden power-off, software crash, turning off storage media during writing process, improperly pulling out SD card.

Other cases like device initialization, virus attack, Memory/SD card ‘Access Denied’ or can’t be read, media card error, factory setting of device without backup etc.

Partition Recovery:

Accidentally deleting a partition.

Partition loss due to repartition, boot manager, improper clone, system restore, disk accident etc.

Partition accidentally lost or be hidden.

Disk crash, severe virus infection for hard drive etc.

Data Recovery Step by Step Guide

3-Click. Fast and Simple

First step is to select a location where you lost data from and start to scan. You may specify a file location such as Desktop, Libraries, or Documents or you may select a hard drive, partition, or external storage device to scan. 

[Image: 1.png]

Second step is to scan Your Computer or Device; the initial scan will be very quick. You will see all lost files in the selected location that were simply deleted or emptied from the Recycle Bin. 

2 Flexible Scanning Modes are Available:

Quick Scan - Searches for deleted files and folders using a basic algorithm for fast results.

Deep Scan - Scans the storage device sector by sector to ensure recovery results.

[Image: 2.png]

Third step lets you preview lost files and recover what you want

Before we start please remember to stay away from the partition you want to recover. For example; when the hard disk drive partition is lost, please don't create a new partition on the unallocated space and overwrite new data to this partition. Otherwise, these operations will cause the lost partition and data overwritten.

[Image: preview.png]

We have 10 Lifetime Licenses with updates. Giveaway will end January 18, 2019


To have a chance to win a license key ,Please follow these Simple rules:

1. Reply here what is your current recovery software and why you want to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizards Professional [FEW SENTENSES].

2. Share this Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or G+. Copy and Post the share link with your comment below. 

3. If you don't have account on Facebook and Twitter, You can share on any other forum and put the links here.

4. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

5. One Entry for each member, Double entries will be Deleted.

6.  PM Mike within 2 Days after giveaway ends otherwise your won will be void. Your claim MUST include Valid email address

Good Luck for all!
I don't use recovery software. But when you need it, it's hard to find good software.
My current recovery software is EaseUS data recovery. I participate for the opportunity to get it forever and for always to the latest version...amen.
I want to use it in case of a disaster strikes.

Thanks for the giveaway

Currently, I don't use any recovery software, but a software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard could help me in some occasions.

My Twitter Share
I use Restorer Ultimate. I want to give EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard a try if it is really worth to use.
I am currently using Piriform Recuva but I find it a bit difficult to use for me due to complicated recovery procedures. 

I want to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional because I have tried using the trial version to recover accidentally deleted files on my portable hard drive recently and it is so easy to use and very fast. I'm also very impressed with program user interface and many features which help to save my important files especially in stressful situations like accidental formatting of drives and fast virus attack recovery. This program is 10 out 10 for me.

Shared FB

Shared Twitter

I'm an existing subscriber to the newsletter.
I am using Recuva, but when I compared it to the trial version of EaseUS Data Recovery, I found that the EaseUS product is more comfortable to handle, and it found some files that Recuva didn't. That's why I want to win the license.
Currently, I do not use any data recovery software. I would like to win EaseUS Data Recovery Wizards Professional to recover my valuable data in the event of a sudden failure.

My FB Share
Very nice giveaway. Maybe it brings my lost fotos back...thanks!
Thanks for the giveaway

I do not use any  recovery software for now. EaseUS is a tried and tested brand, hence I look forward for a great quality product in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizards Professional. I have a stubborn usb stick to recover data from and all recovery attempts have failed so far. Hence, the burning need to get the important data and hence win this giveaway.

My share.

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