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How to Create a System Image in Windows 7, 8, or 10
This is very important topic, it will save your computer in any emergency or crash

Quote:The new backup utilities in Windows are actually pretty impressive and creating an image will be possible in all versions. Today we take a look at creating a backup image of your machine without the need for a third party utility like Ghost or True Image.
You just just finished installing a fresh copy of Windows on your computer and have it set up to your liking. One of the first things you should do now is create an image of the disc so in the event of a crash you will be able to restore it to its current state. An image is an exact copy of everything on the drive and will restore it back to its current state. It’s probably best to create an image when everything is clean and organized on your system. This will make the image file smaller and allows you to restore the system with a smooth running set up.
The process of finding the System Image Backup tool is different in Windows 7 and 8 or 10, so we’ll show you both of them, and then explain how to create and use the system image, which is basically the same in either.

Good and helpful post, indeed. Thanks, tarekma7
I refer below site for any windows help, etc

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