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review giveaway eraser android coolmuster

Promo2day Contest Coolmuster Android Eraser Review and Giveaway
[Image: o6ZwqIO.png]      [Image: dDTT2pX.png]

I would like to thank Coolmuster Team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for Promo2day users

Coolmuster Android Eraser

Many new phones keeping showing up, some users can't wait to get the newest one, may be you are on of those users. But you must ask how will you deal with your old Android phone? Are you thinking of selling it, give your own phone to a friend, trade it on eBay, or donate it to a charitable institution? You do not want your private and confidential data to fall in someone else’s hands and be misused, right? The best practice is to delete everything and then give your phone away. Most people probably think that performing a factory reset on Android device is enough. However, they are wrong. All the original data on a factory resetting phone can be easily recovered by third-party data recovery software. This fact makes it very important for you to completely and permanently erase all data from your phone.

[Image: 1RVhf4y.png]

Coolmuster Android Eraser can help erase all unwanted files from your device permanently. It is the most ideal privacy protector, which is designed to erase all personal information from your Android devices without any recovery possibility. It will permanently delete contents on Android phone, including contacts, SMS, phone numbers, apps, photos, music, videos, audios, call logs, documents, user names, history, accounts & passwords, emails and many more from your Android mobile phone. It returns your Android device to a "Clean Slate" state so that you can resell or donate it trustingly. This will prevent any data leaking problem


Product Page:


Supported OS:

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Version: 1.0.39 

Release Date: 02/01/2019

[Image: Ygm22h5.gif]

When will you need to use Coolmuster Android Eraser?

There are many scenarios we need to delete everything from Android phone and devices. For example;

Buying a new phone and selling your old one (The most common reason).

Many users give up Android due to its annoying problems and go back to iPhone

Getting rid of your SD card or giving it to someone else, you need to erase the card completely. 

Format the phone in case of software errors or if your phone get attacked by virus and then it is best to erase it completely to remove the virus effectively.

If you need more space on our phone or become bored with the media files on it. 
If you want to speed up your phone

Key Features:

Permanently wipe out all data from Android device, including the deleted files, private data, system settings, etc.

Support all kinds of Android files, including text messages, contacts, videos, photos, music, call logs, apps, books, audios, account info, password, etc.

100% permanent deletion and prevent personal data from being recoverable.

3 progressive levels of data erasing for your choice.

Work with all Android devices like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, ZTE, Motorola, etc.

Easy to Use: Concise user interface and step by step wizard make even computer novice can handle this software without any trouble.  It only requires a few clicks to wipe out everything your Android device.

All Windows Platforms Supported: Work well on all Windows platforms, including Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/ 2003/2000/NT.

Standalone: Do NOT need any other third-party program while you're running this program.

Straightforward & 100% Safe Android Cleanup Utility 

Read our full detailed Review HERE

Giveaway Details:

Number of licenses:  20

License validity: 1 year

Giveaway Duration:  3 weeks

Winner selection:


Giveaway is OPEN for ALL Members. Visitors can join the giveaway after simple Registration

1. Reply below why you need to win a license for Coolmuster android eraser?

2. Share the giveaway news on your social media or other forums, blogs, websites...

3. PM me within 3 days of winners announcement to claim your license

4. Follow us on social media and never miss any news or giveaways [see my signature]

5. Subscribe to our newsletter  RSS FeedBurner and have all news delivered to your email 

Good luck for ALL!
Giveaway is OPEN now

Comment on our review to have more chance to win. You can add your experience, what do you think about the app.....etc
I just want to give it a try. Thanks and have a great day.
Thanks for the opportunity in this giveaway @tarekma7!

When I intend to sell my android phone to someone, I always end up deleting personal data and factory reset my phone manually. It takes time and there's no assurance that my phone will be erased securely. I'd like to use Coolmuster Android Eraser to erase my phone easily and securely. Count me in!  Smile[/url]

[url=]Twitter Share
This software will help me to return my android phone to clean state and delete data permanently especially private data.
Thanks for the giveaway. 
I want to have this program to clean the smartphone before transfer as a gift.

I have a very old Android phone that has been around way too long. I want to donate it to a charitable organization however I want to use Coolmuster Android Eraser to make sure the phone is safely and completely erased (returned to a "Clean State") before I do.

Twitter Share:
When I have 20 users the giveaway will close
Contest will be extended for sometime
Now, First come, First Serve
I have already posted in the topic. I want the software if available.

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