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Best member of the year 2018
Hi all

It's time to niminate  Best member of the year 2018

The member who contributed the best to our community will be nominated

Our staff and members are all invited to choose the best member over the last year

You can see the contribution of the member you will select, then select only one member


1. Don't select staff members

2. Members with previous warning or ban can't be selected

3. You can select from previous MOTM members or any member you wish

We are still trying to design special award for the winner

Voting will be available for 3 weeks
I have a suggestion for boosting this important section.
In my opinion MotY candidates should be nominated by the staff according to some specific criterias previously agreed and then from the nominated ones the members should choose one and the winner will be the most voted candidate by the members.

How does that sound like?
For me it will be very difficult to nominate someone now having in mind many great members here.
As for the badge, i suggest a champion cup or and as a prize unlimited MotY status.

What do you say?

PS: Click the link below to find all MotM winners:
We can select from previous winners of MOTM but still active in the forum
Good suggestion.
Because I've seen posts from past years, and in that time, users have become more involved
But after a while, the users have been added, but the motivation for the activity and participation has been reduced to the forum
Therefore, it is necessary to motivate people to pay attention to them
Individuals who are active should be encouraged

This text is provided by Google translation
My English is not that good

Thanks to promo2day team Heart
Ahmed gets my vote! I suppose I can't vote right now but choice is made. Thumb
I normally don't place a vote on these being there are many contributing members on our forum. It's very hard to select just one person but I will have to select ahmed for the Best member of the year 2018.

You always strive to make the forum better and try to involve the members in all sections of the forum.

I would say, "Best Member Of The Year 2018", nominate the members with active participation in various sections of the forum.
I would vote for ahmed for the best member of the year 2018!!
Heart Heart Heart

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