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review giveaway audials 2019 one

Promo2day Contest Audials One 2019 Review and Giveaway
[Image: IoBk2Me.gif]

I would like to thank Audials Team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for Promo2day members and visitors

Giveaway will start on February 5, 2019 and ends on March 3, 2019

Find and record music. Record all streaming services for music, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows. Convert all media for all devices.

Audials One is equipped with one of the fastest streaming recorders. It is able to record individual tracks or even two playlists simultaneously at five times the speed from music streaming services such as Spotify in particular. The new Audials One 2019 software is able to browse Spotify as an additional music source and then delivers the recordings in the best possible quality and the shortest time. Audials One 2019 is the only software to offer this world innovation.

Audials One's streaming recorder is also a front-runner in recording movies. It makes use of a batch recorder and an automatic episode recording function to save entire seasons of series from the video streams of well-known services such as Amazon, Netflix and many others. Here, users also benefit from numerous improvements made to the new software.

Particularly in the field of internet television, the new Audials One 2019 software offers 130 live TV streams from all over the world, which can be watched and recorded using the newly designed and convenient player.

Audials One 2019 represents a paradigm shift, as the software is now operated according to the content and not to the function like before. The advantage of this is that users can now always immediately access all the functions when dealing with their songs, radios, movies and videos.
Thanks to the new so-called Styles function, users of Audials One 2019 can describe their own musical taste by entering in a few examples of artists or radios, and will then quickly receive vast amounts of fitting music from legal sources.

[Image: XQx0tCk.png]

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8 or 7, 1 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB hard drive space for installation and internet access
For recording HD videos: 
Superiour/powerful desktop CPU (i5, i7, or comparable).
Fast HDD or SSD, several 10 GB hard drive space
Dedicated GPU (graphics card) might help reduce load on CPU

Current Version: 


[Image: Sx9AREN.png]

User Interface:

The program has a redesigned, simpler interface; which is very friendly, well arranged and easy to use

[Image: t1QJPj2.png]

The program has many features categorized under 4 main parts:


Record music streaming in individual music pieces

Highest quality of all recordings and downloads

Save music maximum quickly

Find and save all music

Music selection and discovery

Personalization and music tastes ("styles")

Get music in the backgroung: music wishes

Get your music collection automatically (music bot)

Music finishing (tags, lyrics, cutting)

Powerful podcast customization

All of the world's radio stations

Enjoy radio

High degree of individualization

Record individual songs

Automatically add finishing touches to recordings

My Style - Enjoy Your Own Unique Radio Experience:

With the unique Music Style feature, you can tell Audials all the styles of music you like - it's easy and amazingly precise. You simply have to type in sample artists. Audials will immediately come up with a great deal of suitable new radio stations! You can easily add your favourite radio stations to several Favourites lists and use them on Audials on your PC and the Audials apps.

Free Mass Supply:

With Audials you can get a lot of music for free, legally and automatically within a short period of time. You choose or define one or more criteria and Audials records everything that your internet connection will allow. It's even possible to record several 100 stations at the same time!


Podcasts are audio and video entertainment shows. With news, documentaries, reports, language courses, tests, trends and comedy, podcasts cover a very broad spectrum of entertainment. You can subscribe to them for free, and Audials will automatically download new episodes for you as soon as they are released.

[Image: paQNDnO.gif]


Save video stream as file

Optimized for all major streaming services

Easy to use

Create video files in the highest quality

Automatic series recording

Recording scheduler: record movies in series

High-powered recording technology avoids loss in quality

Save in any video format

Copy and Convert:

Reads and imports almost all audio/video file

Create audio and video files in all major formats

Fine-tune with individual profiles

High-performance converter

Copy dvd - copy protected and unprotected dvds

Convenient music management/music player

Video and media management

Edit music and media files

High-performance data management

Perfect interaction with smartphones and tablets

Powerful import and export functions

A lot of improvements have been made to our new Audials One 2019. You can now access and enjoy top-quality music, movies, series and internet TV faster and easier than ever before. Click on whatever you are interested in and simply scroll down.

Redesigned, simpler interface:  Much more powerful and faster, yet much simpler

More music Quality For You!

Improved Streaming Recorder

New editing features and much better suggestions also make working with wish lists on Audials 2019 much more fun

New music sources such as Spotify

Spotify is now a search tool:  Audials One 2019 now also searches Spotify for the music you want and delivers the highest possible quality of music at lightning speed! 

YouTube Reloaded: From now on, Audials will always find and use the best possible audio track for you to download directly from YouTube!

Downloading YouTube Links Massively Improved

Music Bot:  Once defined, you can order an entire music collection for each style on Audials. The brand-new Music Bot does it for you 

Better Quality When Recording Directly: Direct recordings from the video memory of the graphics card, which is used in particular for Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, or UStream, have also been improved. Audials is now even better at saving so-called adaptive streaming

YouTube links can now be entered and automatically downloaded directly from YouTube, 

New Mode:  The most important video streaming services are preconfigured with a huge number of special streaming on all topics. Audials provides you with a new, generic recording mode. It allows you to make high-quality, unscaled recordings directly from the graphics card. This also works if the service uses adaptive streaming! This way you can save any video stream in top quality.

Cutting-Edge Device Profiles:  In order to be able to store videos optimally for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles and PCs, the device profiles of all of the well-known manufacturers have been updated 

Completely newly designed player for Internet TV.

Lots of New Live TV Streams

New, highly optimized live stream and media library video recorder. This allows you to save all content forever.

New Audials now offers 50 of the best music TV channels and is relaunching as an integral part of the TV area

How to record Radio Station:

In the navigation, click "Radio", navigate to the station you would like to record then start. That’s all!

Which edition of Audials PC is the right one for you?

Upgrade your Audials Software to new Generation 2019:






Product Page:

Version history for Audials PC and Audials Streaming Service:

Read Our Full Review HERE

Giveaway Details

We have 5 lifetime perpetual licenses for the giveaway

The value of each license:  59.90$

Winners will be selected by

You will have 24 hours to claim your license


1. The giveaway is open to ALL members (old and new); visitors can simply register and join our giveaway

2. You need to introduce yourself HERE

3. You MUST have 3 threads and 5 posts [Outside Official Giveaway Section] to join this giveaway (we have more than 30 sections, you can post anywhere)

4. Reply here and in the Review topic HERE 

5. Share the giveaway on social media (Facebook, Twitter). Don't share on G+: it will be closed soon


If you don't want to share , Don't reply here as this will cause problems during winners selection

Make sure that your share link is public and can be checked by anyone

One license per household

Avoid use of VPN or proxy: if detected your post will be disqualified

PM me within 24 hours of winners announcement

Optional: Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and never miss any of our giveaways

Optional: Follow us on social media and have all news updated

Good Luck for All!
Audials is a nice software. Thank you.
Thanks for the giveaway, Tarek.

This is a powerful package for recording streaming audio and video broadcast on official television and music channels on the web.
Thanks for the giveaway, tarek.

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Hello Tarekma7,

I've completed everything in the rules and I hope I'm gonna win this software. I'm currently using the 2016 version, it's a great software and I think the 2019 is gonna be better. Wish me luck.  Big Grin Heart

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Thanks Tarek for the opportunity to win this all-in-one software!

Great review about this amazing streaming recorder, considered as one of the fastest. Its ability to browse Spotify as an additional music source and to deliver a best quality recording in a short possible time, are what set it apart from the competition. I'd love to win a license and upgrade my Audials Radiotracker 2018. Count me in!  Smile

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Thanks Tarekma7  for the opportunity to get unpdated Audials One 2019, better quality recording and Spotify support Smile
thanks for giveaway Heart Heart
such great tool to watch video and listen to music

This giveaway is exclusive for our forum members but I see that no enough participation here

I will add new rules (announcement):

The giveaway may end at any time before the final date

If the contribution in the giveaway is less than 15 members (with correct post following rules) i will decrease the number of prizes to 3 only. The remaining licenses will be offered in a new giveaway
Thanks for the giveaway. 
Audials One 2019 is a multifunctional program with which you can listen to radio online and search for any media content with the ability to save it on your computer.


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