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Online Help Team
Hi all members and visitors

We will create a new team responsible for real time online help

If you have a problem in your computer, software or security issues, you can ask for help

General principles of the Online help Team:

The help in Promo2day is completely FREE, 

The help team can only help when they have time, not be obligated, only when each member can and wants

Individual: 1 problem 1 help

Remember that it is free service and will be carried out using Team Viewer

If you have experience and want to join the team (computer issues, security problem), please reply here and remember to add your language

This idea was that of Eufrasiox (spanish language), he is the first member of this team. I would like to thank him for the good suggestions

We will announce the rules and regulations of this wonderful FREE service if we have sufficient team

One last word: FREE Service, NO Obligation to help, Only when you want to help and have some free time

If you have any good suggestions or anything you want to see in promo2day in 2019, reply in this topic:

Our visitors can also enjoy our service after simple one minute REGISTRATION
We can not only help with team viewer or similar
also through pm, or whatsapp.
but it takes more willing people to help
to form a team and some rules.
you do not have to be a computer engineer
Maybe with what you know you can help.
In my country we say:
in the country of the blind
the one-eyed man is the king.
I am always available on my email:-, and of course, as much as I can be here for helping people. U can see my profile tag or anywhere, I always like to consider myself as a learner and nothing else. And one of the most important part of learning is helping others. So here I am, and will always be.

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