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engage udemy course amp your create online best how audience

Giveaway UDEMY How to Create the Best Online Course & Engage Your Audience
How to Create the Best Online Course & Engage Your Audience

What you'll learn
  • Save you hours of work by showing exactly which technology to use & how to use it!
  • Understand how the pedagogy and goals of online education is radically different from classroom teaching
  • Become familiar with the LMS standards for excellent online education
  • Create stimulating online educational experiences which ensures that students are learning, not just listening
  • Know the difference between talking about content and teaching
  • Feel confident about using technology
  • Inspire students to absorb material, think for themselves and find other applications for the materials
  • Learn which forms of technology are available for online education
  • Know what resources and tech can be helpful, and which can be hurtful
  • Learn how to create an online community of learners
  • Learn time-saving tricks that help the instructor and the students
  • Join a network of other online educators and collaborate in our discussion forum, where you can ask questions and learn best-practices from colleagues
  • Connect with many great resources that can help you plan and create your online modules
  • Discover additional tools that you can use free of charge
  • Learn to best spend your time focusing on education and not get stuck in the technology side of online education
  • Recognize and avoid the "scammy" behaviors of untrained e-learning specialist
  • Learn how to communicate with students using major platforms rather than individual emails
  • Leverage social media in the appropriate fashion to engage students
  • Create online communities for bloggers, or those doing content creation or internet marketing
  • Learn to develop content using multiple platforms
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[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTyn2HsWDHZzOwumCw7l7v...L9lMHDOjNr]

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