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EasilyDo: Lifetime Subscription [$19.99 , 90% OFF]
This app is more than just a virtual assistant: EasilyDo is a life-hack that saves you hours and hours of time over the span of your lifetime subscription. Instead of wading through emails and logging onto your favorite e-comm site to get your tracking info, EasilyDo presents it for you. Any changes to your travel itinerary? EasilyDo will send you a notification without you having to check in. It’ll even let you know what time to depart in order to arrive on time for an event (that you totally forgot about). It’s the amazing assistant you never had, and best of all, it will never, ever leave your side.
  • - Receive updates on your package shipping status- Be notified of a gate or departure change on flight itineraries- Update your contacts lists when EasilyDo digs for contact info hidden in emails- Save time going through your emails, because EasilyDo notifies you which emails need a response- Keep your event confirmations, like restaurant reservations & movie tickets, in one place - Stay current w/ your contacts’ birthdays & anniversaries & draft best wishes to send- Automatically save docs to Dropbox- Set alerts for emails & auto-forwarding
Thank you

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