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giveaway premium white smoke

White Smoke Premium Giveaway
[Image: V5W1SNk.png]

WhiteSmoke Writer is a comprehensive software for writing and checking grammar. WhiteSmoke Writer introduces new features and enhancements that helps easy correcting and enhancing your writing. It is suitable for writers of all skill levels. It is a significant upgrade from WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke Writer is a professional software used by different types of users with different skill levels. It can be used by children at school, adults in the workplace, by people learning English as a second language, and by corporate professionals writing business reports and documentation. Anyone writing English, either online or on the desktop, can benefit from WhiteSmoke Writer text correction and enhancement.

The program has several writing profiles to suit a range of uses. The key features are shared across all profiles and include grammar checking and explanation, spell checking, style checking, and the dictionary-thesaurus. Each profile has unique letter templates to suit the field, specialized text enrichment based on the type of writing, and unique dictionary and glossary entries. Many built-in profiles are available such as General, Business, Creative, and Bio-Tech profiles. All profiles are bundled together with a specialized multi-lingual dictionary in the Executive Package.

Full review here:

Giveaway Details:

1. Giveaway Duration: 1st April 2019

2. Number of Licenses: 10

3. Validity of Each License: 1 Year

4. Value of each License: $80.99

Giveaway Rules:

1. Comment why would you need the product and what feature you like about White Smoke in a few sentence.

2. Share it on any social media network and share the link in the comment below.

3. Winner will be selected via Winner will need to confirm and request your prize by sending me a PM.

4. Multiple entry will lead to disqualification. Do not use VPN once detected same identity by the system your entry will considered void.

5. Failing to claim your prize in allocated time will lead your win to be void. I will not entertain any claim after that.
Why do I need White Smoke Premium and what feature I like about it in a few sentences?

As a retired academic with some small respect in my field, I am called upon to speak and write occasionally. For these purposes, I have been using Microsoft Word for some years. But, after reading Tarekma's review, I see some features in White Smoke Premium that are new and desirable:
1. Contextual Spelling.
2. Inserting missing words.
3. Full-text and word-to-word translation to and from 55 languages.

--->In general, a more sophisticated depth regarding the correction process of writing almost anything.

*Plus, access to "White Smoke Editor" online if I am ever "out of pocket" and need to write something before I can get back to my personal computer.

I believe this software would be a great addition to my toolset.

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Thank you Tarekma7 for the review informing me about this software, and "technical moderator" Cool + forum for the opportunity to win it. Smile
I'm not a native English speaker. But, I have to write in English a lot daily. So, I need this awesome software to correct my common grammar and spelling mistakes and improve my writings.
Grammar checker is the most important feature in this software for me.
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Thanks a lot for this very good giveaway for a special software!
I would like to express my gratitude to Cool for offering us educational software as P2D giveaway being well known the fact that this kind of software is indeed extremely expensive and not everyone could afford buying it.
I would also like to thank the devs of White Smoke for supporting our forum with a very good giveaway.
Regarding the software itself, it seems to be all i need in my work as i usually do a lot of writing in my activity and a software to help me improve my writing is all i need. I like the fact it can be integrated with Scrivener as i have that software too so if i win this it will best integrate with my current writing solution.

Count me in please.
Below my share:
I need this to help me in writing my homework and report. I had bad grammar so this would be perfect for me, I guess  Cool

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