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professional undelete giveaway 11 condusiv

Promo2day Contest Condusiv Undelete 11 Professional Giveaway
[Image: ipRojDF.jpg]

Condusiv Undelete 11 Professional: instant file recovery with up-to-the-minute protection

Professional File Protection & Data Recovery

If you have valuable data on your computer, you need to remember that accidents can occur at any time and you are liable to lose many important files. In fact, as much as 65% of data loss is caused by accidental deletions.  This will cause unwanted frustration and money and time trying to recover or recreate them. For example; You may accidentally lose irreplaceable files or photos from your PC or the dreaded loss of that video of your child’s first steps. 

Undelete is used as a first line of defense before backup since Undelete provides true continuous data protection for easy recovery of individual files. Lost files can easily and quickly be recovered without going to backup media. You will not need for support call from IT department. 

Whereas snapshots and backups are ideal to recover entire lost data sets, Undelete is tailored for quick recovery of single files that are lost or overwritten. In addition, it will protect the files you want and the data you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. You will enjoy complete file protection, instant file recovery and a sophisticated electronic file shredder to erase sensitive files you want to be gone forever. 

You can even roll-back to earlier saved-over Microsoft Office, Photoshop, PDF and more files with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Already delete a file or emptied your Windows Recycle Bin by mistake? No problem. The built-in Emergency Undelete recovery software can recover files previously deleted from your PC.

[Image: EhiGFN7.png]

System Requirements:

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 19, Windows 16, Windows 7, 8, 10
Does not support Windows 8 RT
The disk space requirement for Undelete Professional is about 140 MB. After installation is complete, Undelete occupies about 47 MB of disk space (No reboot required).

[Image: DFCXakx.png]

Available Undelete Editions

Undelete 11 Server:  
Protects server files, including those deleted by network clients from a centralized management console

Undelete 11 Desktop Client:  
Allows a user on connected laptops, workstations and VMs to recover their own files from Undelete Server recovery bins

Undelete 11 Professional:  
Protects locally stored files and allows files to be recovered from Undelete Server recovery bins

Undelete 11 Home: 
Provides comprehensive protection of locally stored files

Free trial for 30 days:

[Image: L1LRGte.png]

The program offers you free fully functional trial for 30 days which gives you a chance to test all features before purchase. To start the free trial, please visit this page:

[Image: kx3y1jj.png]

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Data Protection
Instant File Recovery
Extensive Search Capabilities
Protection from potential security risks when the Recovery Bin is stored in the cloud
Enhanced Browsing Capabilities
Version Recovery for MS Office, Photoshop, PDF files and more
Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes
Restores Previously Deleted Files
Electronic File Shredder
Dynamic Storage Space Throttling
Network Capabilities


Giveaway Details

Number of licenses: 5

Value of each license:

Validity of license:  Lifetime with updates

Giveaway Duration: 3 weeks

Winner selection:


1. You MUST be registered in Promo2day forum. Giveaway is OPEN to ALL Users 

2. Reply here why you need Condusiv undelete 11?

3. Comment on our review topic HERE

4. Share the giveaway on social media or other websites: Simply copy this on your account:

@Condusiv Undelete 11 Professional #Giveaway #Contest by @Promo2day Forum Forum

5. PM me within 2 days of winners selection

6. License claim:  name and valid email address required


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Good Luck for ALL!
Thank you for the nice giveaway....
data recovery software is must needed one on PC's these days...
This software has great bundle of features inside..
Count me in too please.....

My Share :
Sometimes we accidentally deleted some important files like documents.
That's why we need a software that can recover these important files.
why do I need Condusiv Undelete 11?

Because stupid me, sooner or later, will delete some important or fun data/info that will make me cry. Sick ...(I am sure many of you know the experience.)

Also, after reading tarekma7's review of this software, I realized how great this latest version of Condusiv Undelete is. It not only recovers deleted files but has features no other recovery software has yet.

Features of Condusiv undelete 11 that I need:
1. Recovery Bin - Provides complete file protection by capturing all files no matter how they were deleted, allowing instant recovery with just a few clicks of the mouse.
2. Cloud Support  - The Recovery Bin can now be stored in the cloud using OneDrive and other popular file hosting services. 
3. Secure Delete Electronic File Shredder - using a methodology developed for the National Security Agency.

Plus, this license has "lifetime updates" of this great software. Thumb  

My Twitter share for this contest

*Many thanks to the Condusiv Technologies Corporation team, forum, and our moderator/excellent software reviewer tarekma7 for this giveaway contest.
Thanks for contest!

Reading review and contents here Undelete 11 Pro is great software for recovering
files that accidentally deleted. They are not lost forever and the program replaces 
Recycle Bin so 100% recovery is assured. Undelete -- true to its title because files are NOT deleted!

Thanks for getting this software! This is one of a kind!
Thanks tarekma7 for the exhaustive review and giveaway of Condusiv Undelete. 

Few weeks ago, I accidentally deleted important data (Shift + Del) and then realized there is no good free program available for file recovery of large files. Then, I felt the important need of such life saving software. 

After reading the review, Condusiv Undelete seems good program to rely on as a savior in such panic times. I like some of their features like Full-Disclosure Of Deleted Files, Enhanced File Version Recovery.

My Twitter Share
Thanks for the giveaway

I need Condusiv Undelete 11 because sometimes I delete my files by mistake, and so with Condusiv Undelete I can recover my precious files in case of a mistake or even a OS problem.

My Twitter Share
Thanks a lot, @tarekma7 and Condusiv Technologies for this amazing giveaway!  Thumb

I need Undelete Professional more than ever because it is the only comprehensive software that provides true continuous data protection for easy and quick recovery of individual lost or overwritten files. I have a habit of emptying Window's Recycle Bin once I deleted files that I no longer need at that time without realizing I will be needing those in the future. Undelete's built-in Recovery Bin is the game-changer as it can intercept deleted files and even recovers those previously deleted from the PC. Another feature that I really like is it can even roll-back to earlier saved-over Microsoft Office, Photoshop, PDF and more files safely and with ease. After reading the in-depth review on Undelete version 11, Condusiv Technologies introduced new features such as faster search and recovery, common recovery bin-cloud support, the drag-and-drop function, including its new user interface and windows desktop themes which make deleted/overwritten file recovery so much convenient and hassle-free.

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Thanks for the giveaway.

Condusiv Undelete allows me to quickly recover accidentally overwritten documents Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and also recover large files that do not fit in the "Recycle Bin".


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