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new version website 2019 x5

dhruv2193Website X5 Updates

New free version known as Go. 

Quote:Logo, names, and website

The new logo features cleaner lines and more subtle colors. Evolution and Professional are now just called Evo and ProWe've also launched Go: an edition that's free for all. The website takes all these new elements and emphasizes the real stars: WebSite X5 and the people who use it.
Graphic interface

The software changed both inside and out. The interface has new colors, new controls, and new spaces: all of which creates an even more welcoming environment for you to work on your own projects.
We've re-designed the entire library of template presets from scratch:

- Enjoy 100 new, mobile-friendly templates.
- Each template is now a complete project with graphics, pages, and content: making it even easier to start creating.
- A live preview of each template lets you choose more quickly.
In the 2019.2 update we have added the Full Height, an effective alternative for organizing pages, new Templates and we have boosted the blog and online store. This means that you have everything you need to create a website that meets current demands for navigation, design, and content.

Source- Email from dev.

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