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Promo2day Giveaway Joyoshare Screen Recorder Free for 72 hours
[Image: VgJ8IcH.png]

Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Windows is a well-designed easy-to-use screen recording tool that can help you record any desktop video and audio activity on computer in high quality. Thanks to the most advanced screen capturing technology adopted by Joyoshare Screen Recorder, you can record any area on your screen, grab online movies, make video tutorials, capture games, record music, take screencasts, etc. with ease.

[Image: XJwtTIA.png]

Once the screen recorder program is launched the left side of the UI will display the ability to select the area you would like to capture. You can choose this area using a scale or input the height and the width yourself.

The middle section gives you two buttons related to the ability to mute or unmute the system audio. Next to it is the option for choosing the microphone device through which you wish to record your audio. Also are the volume adjustments for your system audio and microphone.

The far right pane gives you control over the recording options like shifting between audio and video recording, and the recording button. In addition to that are also buttons for the settings and history files.

Once you have selected the area of the screen that you want to record you just have to click the record button and the recording will start. Once the recording begins you will get options to pause, stop, or even cut the video while it’s in the middle of the recording process.

You can record about anything you like ranging from Skype video calls, YouTube videos, streaming movies, gameplay videos, or even record your very own tutorials. 

[Image: NGAX1Y0.png]

The user is allowed to save the videos in many different formats. In addition you get many other options that allow you to customize your shortcuts according to your needs.  Joyoshare screen recorder has some of the best options you can get on a screen recorder. 


Thanks to Alice from joyshare marketing we are able to give Joyoshare Screen Recorder Free for 72 hours to all our forum readers. Just download and activate the program with the info shown in the txtfile below. 

Giveaway will be available from April 21, 2019 – April 23, 2019
Giveaway is now live.
Thanks for the giveaway, Mike, I posted yesterday on our channel in Telegram.
(04-21-2019 , 12:53 PM)Sasha Wrote: Thanks for the giveaway, Mike, I posted yesterday on our channel in Telegram.

Thanks for sharing Sasha

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