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tarekma7My forum activities
Hi All

I would like to say sorry for any delay, inconvience or problems caused by me

Sometimes things are outside control and we cannot do anything

I will not speak about the problems I have as many members don't find it an excuse, even if any family member passed away as said in other topic

Also, I will not discuss any hard work we are doing here since the start of the forum

I have no access to any computer currently and even this topic is prepared on my smartphone

I sent an email to Mike to announce the winners and no license claim will be required except personal details asked by developers
You do not need to give excuses to why giveaways are not ended at the exact time and date. You have done a great job on reviews and working with developers which I believe has made this forum grow to what is today. You know as well as I do you cannot please everyone and there are always going to be people that complain. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into this forum.
There will always be someone not happy, do not take it close to the heart, lately we have many-new users, which means we are doing everything right. 

Thank you for supporting all users who appreciate our forum.
Tarek, each of us has a personal life that can tear us away from our favorite forum at any moment. We're hostages of real life Smile 
Your contribution to the work of our forum is invaluable. Solve your personal affairs, the forum will wait for you.
Your posts and giveaways is greatly appreciated ;) Thumb

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