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на замена клавиатуры ноутбуке

NRoloelderceLaptop Keyboard Replacement
It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a computer. With the development of technology, it became necessary to expand the capabilities of a personal computer. There is a need for portable devices instead of bulky stationary personal computers.

The laptop can be used on the road or in places where there is no power source, thanks to self-powered from the built-in battery. It consists of a cover-display and the part where the other components are located. A keyboard with a touchpad is built into this part.

Laptop keyboard

The laptop will serve for a long time faithfully, if you treat it carefully. Do not eat and drink near the keyboard. Accidentally spilled liquid can fill the computer, and crumbs get into the gaps between the keys. Over time, the symbols on the keys may wear out. Fastening the cable with which the keyboard is fixed to the motherboard may be oxidized. Because of this, the keyboard will stop working. For these and other reasons, it becomes necessary to remove the keyboard on a laptop in order to put it in order or put a new one.

Keyboard replacement steps are as follows:

1. You need to start with disconnecting the laptop from the power source. Remove the battery from the computer.

Take out the battery

2. Sometimes, together with the removal of the keyboard, it becomes necessary to remove a few keys. In order not to think later where one key or another should be, it is advisable to take a picture of the keyboard.

3. To understand how the keyboard is mounted in this model, you need instructions for a laptop. It can be found on the Internet.

4. Usually there are several screws with a special designation on the back of the part of the laptop where the keyboard is located. These screws fasten the keyboard. They need to unscrew.

Keyboard screw

5. Between the clave and the case at the top there are a few snaps. They hold the keyboard. To unclip them, you need to gently press a thin flat screwdriver between the case and the keyboard. There will be visible latches, which must be taken aside. Slowly pulling up the keyboard, release all latches.

Keyboard latches

6. Sometimes instead of snaps the keyboard holds a plastic strap. It must be removed.

7. Under the keyboard is a stranded cable that connects it to the motherboard. To unhook it, you should slightly raise the keyboard. The loop is attached with a small frame.

keyboard loop

Keyboard shot. It can be cleaned, if necessary, replace some keys. If the old is beyond repair, you can put a new one. The installation process is in the reverse order. After connecting the loop, you need to check the operation of the keyboard, and then finish assembling the laptop.

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