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indiegala madrobot x pc game

Giveaway [Indiegala] Madrobot X -PC Game
[Image: 21ZKA0v.jpg]

“MadRobot X is a polished oldschool inspired shooter where players must help just the head of a giant killer robot escape from the mad scientist's lab where it is being created by blasting away at an armada of automated security using a giant overpowered laser that has been smartly woven into the overall game design”

  • Pixel art style
  • Progressive challenge
  • Power ups
  • Special skills
  • 12 Bosses
  • Bullets, bullets, bullets!
  • Nightmare Mode
  • Gameservices Scoreboard
  • Gamepad support with 2 modes:
    *Normal: LStick moves the robot, RStick shoots and maneuvers the beam*Classic: LStick moves the robot and maneuvers the beam, buttons shoot
  • Gameplay adjustments (hitbox, touchscreen, hp recovery, etc...)
  • The ability to mute, not only the music, but sound effects as well
  • And much more (like bullets!)

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