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easiest tool drawn hand create rotoscope videos renditions

ahmedGiveaway Rotoscope [The easiest tool to create hand-drawn renditions of videos..]
[Image: KP1kF12.jpg]

Rotoscope is the easiest tool to create hand-drawn renditions of videos by tracing over each frame in the video and then exporting to a video file.

Rotoscope uses Windows Ink to let you draw with colored pens, pencils, and highlighters in a pen and touch-friendly interface, rapidly inking each frame of the video as you go. The resulting animation takes the audio from the orignial video and mixes it with the inked video frames.

What's new in this version ?
- Added a new feature to show the previous and next frames with adjustable opacity
Previous versions:
- Fixed a bug with opening files
- Fixed a bug with creating videos
- Added One-click app recording option
- Fixed an issue where the drawing page was not showing the video on resuming.
- Added the ability to change the annotation color in the settings.
- Enabled animation preview to show in bottom part of window when app has a portrait aspect ratio.
- Added annotation pen to add annotations to frames that will not show up in animation. Annotations are searchable from the main menu.

  • Draw with Windows Ink with pens, pencils, and highlighters.
  • Cut, copy, paste, and move Windows ink around pages and between pages.
  • One-button to copy ink from one page to the next.
  • Use an eyedropper to pick the color from the orignal video.
  • Edit 360 videos to make 360 rotoscope videos.
  • Crop the image to zoom in on any part of the video.
  • See a live video preveiw in another window on another display.
  • Output to whatevery video size you want.
  • Play the source video frames in edge-detection mode or adjust the contrast to make it easier to trace the frames.
  • Annotate frames with non-photo blue (will not show up in final animation) and search those annotations.
  • One-click app screen recording
  • Show the previous and next frames with adjustable opacity.


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