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a heap trouble steam princess remedy

ahmedGiveaway Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble @Steam
[Image: Jju5YJJ.jpg]

An enormous Boss Tower has sprung from the ground, lifting entire towns up with it. People got used to it and kept living on the tower, but they’re starting to contract all sorts of mysterious illnesses. Princess Remedy, still in Saturnian healing school, must use her powers to heal everyone and defeat the Boss Tower!

The theme of love is back, and this time Remedy can date anyone she's healed to have them accompany her on her travels. Each companion offers a different ability in Healing Mode, such as Dash, Homing shots and Injection.

More bosses! More secrets! A dance ball! In A Heap of Trouble is the prequel to the critically acclaimed Princess Remedy In A World of Hurt (98% positive rating here on Steam). Still unsure? Play the first Princess Remedy for free:

Free to keep when you get it before 15 Oct @ 10:00pm.


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