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free 14 99 discount iris 100

uyar64Iris 14.99 $ Free ! (100% discount)
Iris : Software for eye protection in front of the computer. Blocks harmful blue light, reduces PWM and subpixel flickering. Gets your eye health back on track.

Some of the benefits of Iris over competitors are that Iris works even on docking stations and monitors connected with USB with the help of custom High-level Color API. It has a much larger blue light reduction color range compared to all other alternatives, brightness without pulse-width modulation, manual settings, color effects, font rendering, magnification and partial screen blue light reduction with the help of full-screen overlays.

This offer is available only before the 16/11/2019(7 days)

Giveaway Link :

License Details:
Homepage URL:
License info: for 1 device, for 1 year
Update policy:  no updates
Tech support policy:  free if they write to our support
Re-install policy:cannot register after promo end
Giveaway version: 1.2.0 for windows, 1.1.6 for Mac, 0.9.9 for Linux
Download size: ~40MB
Supported OS and other system requirements: Windows 7 and up, Mac, Linux
Regular price: $ 14.99USD

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