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commander total

Mohammad.PooryaTotal Commander
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 5/ Total Commander 9.22a

[Image: getthumbnail.aspx?w=600&h=300&crop=1&id_file=524876901]

Total Commander is a file manager replacement for Windows, Windows Mobile and Android. It offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display. Also ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.
Total Commander also includes a tabbed interface and a versatile multi-rename tool with regular expression support. The program is extensible by programmers via an open plugin-API. And it has the ability to bind external programs for viewing or editing files.
Many plugins are freely available for e.g. different packer formats or file viewer for special file formats. As well, a large variety of internal functions (commands) are available and ready to assign to icons. Although some study might be needed to discover them.
Additionally, Total Commander can be made portable via a special installer for USB and U3 disks.
  • Two file windows side by side
  • Multiple language support
  • Enhanced search function
  • Compare files / synchronize directories
  • Quick View panel with bitmap display
  • ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
  • Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
  • Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
  • Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons
  • Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search
  • Compare editor, cursor in lister, separate trees, logging, enhanced overwrite dialog etc.
  • Unicode names almost everywhere, long names (>259 characters)
  • Password manager for ftp and plugins
  • Synchronize empty dirs, 64 bit context menu, quick file filter (Ctrl+S)
  • And many more!
All Features of Total Commander

Homepage –

Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch. Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish, Hungarian. And now also Hebrew, Greek, Afrikaans, Catalan, Turkish and Ukrainian! The help is available in English, German and French (separately).

Changes in Total Commander 9.50 Beta 4:

Changes in Total Commander 9.22:

Size: 205 KB

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 Beta

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.22a x86 Stable

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.22a x64 Stable

DOWNLOAD Installer for normal USB sticks

DOWNLOAD Installer for special U3 sticks

DOWNLOAD for Android
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 8

Changes in Total Commander 9.50 Beta 8

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 Beta
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 9
  Changes in 9.50 Beta 9:
  • Bugfixes
Download Page  -
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 10

18.12.19 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 10

18.12.19 Fixed: Compare by content: results couldn't be scrolled with the mouse wheel when using the option "Scroll inactive windows when I hover them" was enabled, but another window was in the foreground (32/64)
18.12.19 Fixed: Dark mode: Apply new dark/normal mode also to currently open background transfer manager and background copy dialogs (32/64)
17.12.19 Fixed: Dark mode: When program was started with dark mode and later switched to light mode, don't show dark context menus on Windows 10 1809 and newer in various places, mainly the file context menu (32/64)
17.12.19 Fixed: Dark mode: Lister had dark submenus on windows 10 1809 and newer when TC was started with dark mode and later switched to normal mode (32)
17.12.19 Fixed: Show fake OneDrive reparse points as <DIR> instead of <LNK>, by checking with FindFirstFile whether the value of dwReserved0 equals one of the cloud values 0x9000101A..0x9000F01A (32/64)
17.12.19 Fixed: Dark mode: Removed duplicate lines to the left/right of the current path when using folder tabs (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Help: Added descriptions for various fields in [layout] section (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Sorting by additional custom columns didn't work (click on first column, ctrl+click on second) (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Define colors by file type: Adding a new color didn't move down the previously defined colors for dark mode (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: GDI leak (region) in Configuration - Options - Color when drawing color comboboxes (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Tab order was wrong (64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Classic theme: Turning off dark mode kept dark background in main menu when using internal English menu without icons (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Use COLOR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT for "default" text in comboboxes with focus (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Dark mode: focus rectangles on buttons were still dashed (not dotted) in background transfer manager and copy in background (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: FTP connection toolbar had dark scrollbar in normal mode when connecting in normal mode (but not when switching from dark to normal mode after connecting) (32/64)
16.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Explicitly refresh color combobox when choosing item from "Others" combobox also in not dark mode (64)
13.12.19 Fixed: User choice of unpacker (e.g. via context menu from internal association) was ignored in plugin auto-installer, using the default unpacker for that extension (32/64)
13.12.19 Fixed: "Edit comment" dialog had dark scrollbars in normal mode on Windows 10 1809 and newer (32)
13.12.19 Added: cm_rereadsource 2 re-applies automatic view mode change to current directory (cm_rereadsource 3 also forces a refresh if nothing has changed) (32/64)
13.12.19 Fixed: Opening *.url files pointing to https urls no longer worked (32/64)
13.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color - Preview: Synchronize dirs preview wrong (e.g. black on dark background) for selected equal files (32/64)
13.12.19 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Equal sign color wrong (black instead of white) when using dark custom selection background color (32/64)
12.12.19 Fixed: Updated unrar.dll and unrar64.dll to latest version 5.80.0 (5.80.3 was a pre-release version) (32/64)

Size: 205 KB

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 Beta
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 11

30.12.19 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 11

30.12.19 Fixed: Dark mode, classic theme: Moving mouse cursor away from combobox sometimes didn't change the border from focused to normal (32/64)
30.12.19 Fixed: ESC in F5 copy dialog caused an unwanted beep from Windows 10 1909 (64)
30.12.19 Fixed: Internal associations: when using **internal_sha as "open" command, also allow the extension in menu Files - Verify checksums (32/64)
29.12.19 Fixed: Unpacking RAR with Alt+F9 didn't unpack directory attributes like "hidden", which worked when unpacking with F5 from open archive (32/64)
29.12.19 Fixed: Unlock or permanently lock tab which was set to "locked with directory changes allowed" in a different directory -> change tab header to that new directory name (32/64)
24.12.19 Fixed: Some buttons like F7/F8 buttons in copy dialog (F5) were still dark after starting with dark mode, using F5 once, and then switching to normal mode (Windows 10 1903) (32/64)
24.12.19 Fixed: Find files, F2 search in found files/folders: 'Everything' option must be ignored, it could lead to duplicate search results when nested directories were in the previous results (32/64)
23.12.19 Fixed: GDI leak (font) when opening and closing any dialog with comboboxes to which WM_SETFONT was sent (bug in Windows 10 1909 but not 1803) -> explicitly delete the edit box part with DestroyWindow (64)
22.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color, Windows 7, default theme: Preview of synchronize dirs selection text color for equal items was wrong, should be white on blue (32/64)
22.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Wrong color of "default" item when the list was open but the "default" item wasn't focused (32/64)
22.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Edit/View: Don't draw vertical separator as line, instead draw two overlapping boxes side by side to fix overlapping lines (32/64)
20.12.19 Fixed: Configuration - Options - View Mode: "Additional sort orders" picker added wrong numbers 3, 4 etc. for custom columns instead of 101, 102 etc. (32/64)
20.12.19 Fixed: Compare by content: results still couldn't be scrolled with the mouse wheel when using the option "Scroll inactive windows when I hover them" was enabled while Total Commander's main window was in the foreground (32)
20.12.19 Fixed: cm_RereadSource with parameter didn't work combined with other commands, e.g. cm_FocusTrg,cm_RereadSource 2  in internal command (32/64)
20.12.19 Added: Internal associations: **internal_sha uses internal "Verify checksums" function for user-defined types, e.g. for *.sha256sum (context menu: only first selected) (32/64)

Size: 206 KB

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 Beta
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 12

08.01.20 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 12

08.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Ctrl+C in message box now handled in "key down" event instead of "key up" event (32/64)
08.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Combobox with no item selected (e.g. drive combobox after "Feed to listbox") not dark (32/64)
08.01.20 Fixed: Main window closed when aborting FTP connection to not responding server by pressing ESC twice (64)
08.01.20 Added: Further improved speed of switching between directories within a large archive (32/64)
08.01.20 Fixed: Going back to a different directory within an archive via history was re-reading the entire archive (32/64)
07.01.20 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ForceDarkModeOptions=2: Same as 3, but use dark title bar (32/64)
07.01.20 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ForceDarkModeOptions=3 disables Windows 10-specific dark mode functions and uses compatibility mode from older versions (32/64)
07.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode, Windows 10 1809 or newer: Turn on separate tree, switch from ligh to dark mode -> scrollbars were not changed to dark (32/64)
07.01.20 Fixed: Tooltips for very long file names (option "Win32 style tips disabled") had wrong font size on high DPI screens (64)
07.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: When using option "Only when enabled for Windows 10 apps" and changing the color with cm_SwitchDarkMode, any settings change in Control Panel like in regional settings switched back to the default app color (32/64)
07.01.20 Fixed: Parameters /O /P=R didn't put focus on right panel if the already running copy of Total Commander was minimized (64)
06.01.20 Fixed: Do not show an exception "WMSize loop detected" when resizing a control fails, e.g. when moving the main window between two screens with different DPI (64)
06.01.20 Fixed: Unlock or permanently lock tab which was set to "locked with directory changes allowed" in a different directory -> only change tab header to that new directory name if the tab didn't have a custom title (32/64)
05.01.20 Fixed: Configuration dialog: Quick search in left list of categories no longer worked as in older versions (32)
05.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Separate tree was using the wrong background color (main window background instead of file list background (32/64)
03.01.20 Fixed: Menu bar color wrong (missing theme background) on Windows XP after switching from dark mode to normal mode (32/64)
03.01.20 Fixed: Font leak in Configuration - Options - Color - Others, in the title bar preview (64)
31.12.19 Added: Faster loading of large archives, and faster switching between directories within that archive (32/64)

Size: 206 KB

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 Beta
Total Commander 9.50 Beta 13

15.01.20 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 13

15.01.20 Fixed: Use simulated dark mode also on Windows 10 1809 and later if scrollbars with theme "DarkMode_Explorer" aren't dark, otherwise we will sometimes get white on white context menus (32)
15.01.20 Fixed: Icons defined via internal associations were lost when changing any color settings or switching between dark and normal mode (32/64)
15.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Added a second, shorter timer for overdrawing listbox scrollbar (32/64)
15.01.20 Fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Q in quick search dialog closed it (32/64)
15.01.20 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: "By content" option didn't work with internal 7zip unpacker, only with 7zip plugins (32/64)
15.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Disable themed cursor by default on Windows XP, because it would show light gray text on white background (32/64)
15.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Listbox scrollbars couldn't be used on 32-bit Windows XP (32)
14.01.20 Fixed: High DPI screen with 200% scale: Some menus had wrong font size or line spacing, e.g. list of redefined hotkeys in Configuration - Options - Misc, or Change>> options in button bar dialog (64)
13.01.20 Fixed: UnRAR: Ignore codepage override options if the archive contained Unicode names (32/64)
13.01.20 Fixed: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar, move cursor outside of dropdown panel, release mouse button -> forbidden cursor remained (64)
13.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: HTTP download in background (via Ctrl+N, paste URL) had some non-dark elements (32/64)
13.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode, drive combobox disabled, non-flat drive buttons: Border around label and free/total space on drive wasn't drawn until the window was resized (64)
12.01.20 Fixed: With overlay icons enabled, some .lnk files in archives didn't have the link icon (32/64)
12.01.20 Fixed: Option TreeTriangles in section [Colors] was ignored after recent fix (Show [+] icons to expand tree nodes). Note: TreeTriangles in [ColorsDark] is only used in Windows 10 1809 and newer (32/64)
12.01.20 Added: Lister: RTF files: Allow to also switch to internal RTF viewer by pressing '4' in a lister plugin (32/64)
12.01.20 Fixed: Folders in archive subdirs sometimes had refresh icon instead of normal folder icon (32/64)
12.01.20 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with archives (e.g. 7zip): Compare by content no longer worked in at least partially uppercase subdirectories (32/64)
10.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: some checkboxes in "Create checksum file(s)" had black text on black background when using classic theme (32/64)

Size: 206 KB

DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 Beta
Total Commander 9.50 RC1

Total Commander 9.50 – Final

05.02.20 Release Total Commander 9.50 final (32/64)

05.02.20 Fixed: Cancelling master password dialog kept keyboard hook active by mistake (32)
05.02.20 Fixed: Compare by content, vertical arrangement with lists of different height, only showing differences: Error displaying empty lines below the end of the files (32/64)
04.02.20 Fixed: Hide button "Dark<->Normal" in Configuration - Options - Color - "Define colors by file type" when the dark mode options are disabled with ForceDarkModeOptions=0, or unsupported (32/64)
04.02.20 Fixed: Overlapping groups in Configuration - Options - Operation (32)
03.02.20 Fixed: Do not show dark main menu in Windows 95, it doesn't work properly due to missing functions (32)
03.02.20 Fixed: Dark mode, classic theme: No checkbox drawn in background transfer manager (32/64)
02.02.20 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, button "[=?] Plugin": Quick search for multiple characters no longer worked (same also in button bar dialog - magnifying glass button) (32)
02.02.20 Fixed: Dark mode, background transfer manager: Aborting operation by clicking on close button could freeze the main program when minimized to system tray (32/64)
31.01.20 Fixed: If there is a popup window (e.g. main settings) while refreshing a remote or plugin directory, show the progress dialog with this popup as the parent (32/64)

29.01.20 Release Total Commander 9.50 release candidate 2 (RC2)
28.01.20 Fixed: uc2: when listing content of archives, a file u$~reslt.ok was created in the current directory (not necessarily the one of the archive) (32)
28.01.20 Fixed: If the display has 256 or less colors, set default dark mode background color to black (0,0,0) (32/64)
28.01.20 Fixed: Windows 7: Background transfer got distorted when resized from the top window border (32/64)
28.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode, classic theme: Pause copying with ENTER on Pause button showed normal (not dark) pause/start button (32/64)
27.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode crashing on Windows 9x/ME (problem with main menu subclassing), some controls not showing text (32)
27.01.20 Fixed: Create CRC checksums: Some radio buttons were overlapping with the surrounding frame with classic theme (64)
27.01.20 Fixed: Compare by content: Couldn't scroll with mouse wheel when the cursor was not in one of the two file lists (64)
27.01.20 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Couldn't remove unwanted entries from filter combobox whith Shift+Delete (32/64)
27.01.20 Fixed: Unpack specific files (Alt+F9): Couldn't remove unwanted entries from "Files to unpack" with Shift+Delete (32/64)
27.01.20 Fixed: Archive open, right click on [auto] -> choosing codepage from list didn't work (64)
27.01.20 Fixed: F5 copy: Do not move copy dialog up when clicking on Options button (64)
27.01.20 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Changed button "Less attributes to "Fewer attributes" for consistency with 64-bit version (32)
27.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Reduced flickering of main window border by using CBT hook and reacting to WM_PRINT message (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Internal 7zip unpacker: extract directory timestamps if CopyDirTimeStamp is set (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Also tell plugins in quick view panel (Ctrl+Q) when switching between dark and normal mode (standalone quick view is only updated when activated) (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, standalone (Totalcmd.exe /S=S), load stored options with FTP on one side while other FTP server open -> disconnect caused access violation (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, load stored options with FTP on one side -> time options were not available (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: FTP connect to stored connection: ignore any trailing slashes or backslashes, e.g. when the user entered (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Custom columns: Columns were not scaled on higher DPI screens (64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Scrollbar in Configuration - Options - Custom columns wasn't dark on Windows 10 1809 and newer (32)
26.01.20 Fixed: Show all dark mode menu items as disabled instead of hiding them when ForceDarkModeOptions=0 (which is the default on Windows versions older than XP) (32/64)
26.01.20 Fixed: Dark mode menu item wasn't documented in the help (32/64)

Size: 4.41 MB
DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 x86
DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50 x64
Total Commander 9.50a RC1

Size: 4.42 MB
DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50a RC1 x86
DOWNLOAD Total Commander 9.50a RC1 x64

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