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2x giveaway year pc hitmanpro

dinosaur07Personal Giveaway HitmanPRO 2X 1 year 1 PC giveaway!
Hello users,
In order to start the year in a very positive manner and continuing the tradition here maintained by very trusted users and moderators to which i am grateful for their efforts, i will give away 2 keys for HitmanPRO for 1 year 1 PC, each.
We will have 2 winners which will be randomised using service at the end of the giveaway.


1. Everyone can enter it even the new members. You can join forum and then enter the giveaway. Great chance to register.
2. Sharing the event on social media is optional.
3. Giveaway ends: 02.02.2020
4. Winners will have 24h to confirm the win through a PM sent to me otherwise their win will be lost.
5. Good luck at all!

[Image: scjgEaU.png]

[Image: CwCEOv3.png]


HitmanPro is the malware remover of choice for tens of millions of people. Why? Because it does five things very – actually, exceptionally – well.

Good luck!
Thanks for the giveaway dino and good luck to all that enter. Please don't include me in the draw.
Thanks for the giveaway is the best antivirus
Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.
Thanks for the giveaway
this is interest such a giveaways. i guess it do work along well with other anti-virus security....i m into this to win...thank you
Thanks for this giveaway!

Hitman Pro   is the best anti-malware for every pc user.
Thank you for the giveaway.
Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.
Thank you for the giveaway  Thumb Thumb Thumb

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