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let’s wireguard openvpn better? which is out find vs

SashaWireGuard vs OpenVPN – Which is Better? Let’s Find Out!
WireGuard vs OpenVPN – Which is Better? Let’s Find Out!

OpenVPN has long been accepted as the industry standard tunneling protocol for VPN services. With no other modern protocol to challenge the position of OpenVPN as the desired VPN tunnel, it was easy for it to claim the top spot in terms of both security and performance among all the protocols.
Enter WireGuard, a nascent VPN tunneling protocol that promises to do everything better than the outdated PPTP, L2TP etc. while hinting to supplant OpenVPN.

However, the question remains, which protocol works better between WireGuard vs OpenVPN?

To short answer is – both protocols have their own pros and cons but WireGuard is a clear winner on account of speed, security and auditability.

Without further ado, let us start comparing these VPN protocols in detail:

WireGuard vs OpenVPN: Key Differences

Here is a summary of major attributes of WireGuard and OpenVPN:

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