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pro pdf ashampoo

tarekma7Promo2day Contest Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 Giveaway
[Image: scr_ashampoo_pdf_pro_2_presentation_en.jpg]

PDF editor to create, edit, convert and merge PDFs

Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 creates, edits, merges and converts PDFs. Creating and editing is as simple as working with a Word document, with custom comments, layouts and images. Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 supports multiple popular formats (Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, EPUB, JPEG etc.) for easy document exchange, e.g. with Microsoft Excel. Document images and colors are fully replaceable and customizable and the built-in find and replace feature supports both text and fonts. Merging multiple documents is a simple drag & drop operation and the ability to create portfolios or photo albums greatly facilitate working with multiple files. The integrated text recognition (OCR) instantly converts scanned text into computer-editable text. Word processing is highly versatile with support for wrapping text around objects, powerful spell checking and auto-hyphenation. Inserting, moving, cropping, masking and deleting individual images is also possible. Sensitive information can be blacked out and documents protected with AES encryption. With the included printer driver, PDFs can be created from virtually any Windows application. Version 2 adds the creation of interactive forms, a side-by-side view for easy document comparison and legally safe bates numbering to process both small and large document archives. In addition, colors are replaceable throughout documents and support for older PDF versions has been added to ensure greater compatibility across PDF applications.

[Image: boxshot.png]

Product info

Name: Ashampoo PDF Pro 2

Version: 2.0.5

Release date: 2019/04/18

Update release date: 2019/12/02

Price: EUR 69.99, USD 69.99

Trial Period: 30 days (10 days + 20 days after email registration)

Category: Office Software

Languages: British English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Size: 303,84 MB


Product Website:

Download: (303,87 MB)

[Image: icon.png]


Create and edit interactive forms
Compare two PDFs side by side
New snapshot function for perfect PDF screenshots
Edit open images in place with external image editor
Legally valid Bates numbering
Find and replace colors throughout documents
Split up PDFs into smaller documents with custom number of pages
Supports PDF 1.4 for backwards compatibility
New and simplified text formatting dialog
New window for quick access to letter, line and paragraph settings
Replace document fonts for easier file exchange with other PDF programs
More meaningful toolbar icons
Single unified editing mode instead of "View", "Comment" and "Edit"
New menu structure for unmatched ease of use
New toolbar with the most recently used page operations
New auto-repair feature

User Interface:

[Image: scr-ashampoo-pdf-pro-2-gametext.jpg]

Create interactive forms

Ashampoo PDF Pro is not only ideal to fill out forms but also to create and edit your own. It takes only a few clicks to add interactive elements, like selection lists, checkboxes or input fields, to your PDF form. These forms can then easily be filled out by anyone using a standard PDF reader.

Compare PDFs

The side-by-side view is genuine highlight of Ashampoo PDF Pro and allows you to quickly compare two PDF documents with synchronized scrolling. This feature is especially handy during translations or while browsing through document revisions of the same file. A single click will reveal even the smallest of changes!

Create snapshots

Would you like to capture parts of your document as image files? You got it! The new screenshot tool can capture any portion of your document quickly and easily with custom formats, resolutions and color depths, including alpha channel support. Simply capture the parts that really matter to you!

Handy bates numbering

Need to apply unique numbers and/or date/time-marks to several PDFs for further processing, e.g. a batch of invoices? The new bates numbering feature makes it possible: Process any number of files or entire folders and add numbers, texts, e.g. headers and footers, or date stamps with incredible ease.

Seamless image editing through external applications

This may sound familiar: You need to edit an image embedded into a PDF with an external image editor. Usually, you would have to export the image, open it in the external editor, save the changes and then reimport it into the PDF. With Ashampoo PDF Pro , a single click opens the image in your preferred editor and, once you hit save, Ashampoo PDF Pro will then ask you whether you wish to apply the changes to the PDF document.

Find and replace colors

Sometimes, you need to replace colors through the entire document, e.g. to adapt its design to company or project requirements. The new find and replace feature makes it easy: Just select the color to be replaced, followed by the replacement and Ashampoo PDF will do the rest. Save time and effort with the new features in Ashampoo PDF Pro!

Brand-new user interface

If you've used Ashampoo PDF Pro before, you'll notice a major change right after program launch: The user interface has been completely revamped and toolbar icons were redesigned to be more meaningful. On top, the PDF program now offers touch-friendly icons, if needed - perfect for use with touchscreen or high-resolution displays!

Our best PDF editor

Ashampoo PDF Pro is more than a simple PDF reader or editor with blazing fast document conversion to Word or other compatible formats. The program makes editing PDFs as easy as editing text documents. This includes formatting text, inserting images and adjusting the layout. Merging documents is also a no-brainer And the virtual PDF printer driver that comes with the software allows you to instantly create PDFs from any print-enabled application.

Convert documents into Word or other formats

Ashampoo PDF Pro features a mature OCR engine that converts scanned characters into computer-editable text. Naturally, the program also features seamless file exchanges with Microsoft Word.

[Image: 0274-ashampoo-pdf-pro-en-1.png]

Find and replace in seconds

Ashampoo PDF Pro's find and replace goes far beyond what you will find in other PDF editors. Not only can you replace text at the click of a button but also hyperlinks, fonts and colors. It's the fastest and easiest way to adjust the design of your document and you can even apply this feature across multiple files.

Comment, edit and highlight

Ashampoo PDF Pro is the comfortable way to add comments to your PDFs, highlight important passages or add drawings for clarification. Built-in stamps like "Approved!" or "Confidential!" further help you mark up your documents.

Create PDFs with ease

Ashampoo PDF Pro creates high-quality PDFs from all print-enabled Windows programs. Simply select "Print" in your application of choice and pick "Ashampoo PDF" as printer. If required, Ashampoo PDF Pro can downscale images automatically, e.g. for online publication.

Versatile change tracking and spell checking

With Ashampoo PDF Pro, you can modify, add, delete and format text paragraph or page-based. If required, the program can highlight recent changes thanks to the built-in change tracker to help you with document revisions. The integrated spell checker helps you avoid typos and auto-hyphenation ensures your texts look decent.

Document protection with 128-bit AES encryption

Thanks to strong AES-encryption, your PDFs are protected against unauthorized and unwanted actions such as opening, editing, printing or text extraction. You decide what recipients can and can't do with your files! You can also permanently and irrevocably blacken sensitive information.

Fill out and print forms

Not only does Ashampoo PDF allow you to fill out interactive forms but it also supports the more common forms that were created as PDF documents as used by various government agencies. Save time and fill out your forms on your PC instead of printing and filling them out the old-fashioned way.

Working with graphics and drawings is easy with Ashampoo PDF. Insert, edit, move and crop objects as needed. You can even use them as watermarks to protect your intellectual property or clone them for easy reuse.

[Image: scr-ashampoo-pdf-pro-2-grafic.jpg]

Format, revise and recompose with ease

Revising documents is a breeze with Ashampoo PDF. Rearrange and delete or crop and rotate individual pages as you see fit. You can even insert pages from other PDF documents or combine multiple documents into a single file with incredible ease.

The universal PDF editor - create, edit and convert with ease

Looking for a free PDF editor? Look no further. You can use Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 free of charge for 10 days, plus 20 if you complete the free registration afterwards! Here's your chance to get an entire month of PDF viewing, editing, converting and creating for free!

Discussion of Ashampoo PDF Pro 2:

The best software for your PDFs

The new PDF Pro 2 builds on the strengths of its predecessor and adds a wealth of new possibilities! Creating and editing interactive forms is now easier than ever before. The side-by-side view helps with comparing two PDFs and the new snapshot feature creates perfect screenshots of your file contents. The legally valid bates numbering is perfect to process both small and large document archives and added support for PDF 1.4 ensures excellent backwards compatibility! Replace colors throughout entire documents, split PDFs up into smaller files and enjoy the new unified editing mode along with a clearer menu structure and more meaningful toolbars for more visual clarity and faster results!

[Image: RKfyw6L.png]
[Image: q2fJAL0.png]

Multi Language Support:

[Image: Sv8BKSQ.png]

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Any computer that supports the above operating systems.

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.




I would like to Thank Ashampoo team for sponsoring this exclusive giveaway for Promo2day Users

Giveaway Details:

Number of licenses: 2

Validity of license: perpetual, lifetime

Value of each license:  69.99$

Giveaway ends:  February 22, 2020

Winner selection:

Giveaway Rules:

1. You MUST be registered in Promo2day forum. Giveaway is OPEN to ALL Users 

2. Reply here why you need a license for Ashampoo PDF Pro 2

3. Share the giveaway on social media or other websites

5. PM me within 2 days of winners selection

6. [OPTIONAL] Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

7. [OPTIONAL] Like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter and never miss any giveaway

Good Luck for ALL!
i want Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 because
Create and edit interactive forms
Compare two PDFs side by side
New snapshot function for perfect PDF screenshots
Edit open images in place with external image editor

thank you for giveaway
i want Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 because is excellent program
New snapshot function for perfect PDF screenshots
Edit open images in place with external image editor
Legally valid Bates numbering
Find and replace colors throughout documents
Split up PDFs into smaller documents with custom number of pages

Facebook share
I would like to create professional level PDF of my scanned documents (currently save it as jpg) My Twitter share
Thanks for the Contest, Ashampoo PDF Pr0, is well developped application, support ocr, and can recognize multiple fonts, thus reducing time to edit PDF files, and to creat PDF PORTFOLIO
Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

I want to win Ashampoo PDF Pro because it is a software for managing and editing PDF documents. It allows you to create, convert and conveniently process PDF files as MS Word documents.

In addition, we can convert PDF documents to work in MS office or Ashampoo Office. It is also possible to encrypt documents using the AES-128 algorithm.

I used to use the adobe reader because it's a free version, but I can only view documents, not edit them. PDF file is a format that can be recognized and opened correctly on almost any machine.           

I often encounter documents that need to be edited. In the past, the commonly used method was to transit through word, but the PDF file compatibility after word editing and conversion was not very good.

Ashampoo PDF Pro is a software that contains most functions of Adobe Acrobat pro. It is enough to meet my requirements for PDF document editing and reading, and the size of the software is much smaller than Adobe Acrobat pro.           

The highlight function of Ashampoo PDF Pro that impresses me is to compare two PDFs side by side, which is much more convenient than adobe.           
I hope to get this real license to completely replace the adobe reader and extend the editing function.

Share this information to my Tencent space ,at the same time.  
Thanks for giving
I want to edit, create, customize, convert PDF files and merge them with other PDF documents.
I want to edit my pdf files and convert them to other formats.

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