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secure cloud all premiumize premium service me one [Premium Service]: the secure all in One Cloud Down
[Image: 7iekK1M.jpg]

Combine direct and secure access to premium services started out as a Downloader for Filehosts. It saved the hassle of getting individual premium memberships for filehosts. It helps  aggregating premium memberships into one single service. Now is a combined cloud service with direct and secure access to many premium services. offers a browser-based virtual desktop that lets you perform download jobs right into your personal and secure cloud space. It is a Dropbox on Steroids, multihost downloader, VPN Provider and easy Usenet binary access all at the same time. There are many features, services and tools; for example VoIP feature enabling free worldwide calls for our members.

Want to download something from a slow server or a peer 2 peer network? No problem, our servers are online 24/7 and will finish the job for you, while you can power off your devices and access the content securely on your personal high speed cloud space. This way you can finish downloads much quicker than you could with your laptop, and then you can stream the content directly to your personal devices.

Keep your devices clean and your downloads fast! Access your personal cloud space wherever you are! Use now!


Core Features

[Image: YOkzoNP.png]

Compatible platforms:

[Image: Sa6Oh8P.png]


One Premium Membership For All Services

1 TB Cloud Storage
Access to 35+Streaming and Filehost Sources
Protected Torrent and Usenet Access
Connect multiple devices at the same time


Pay-less for all in one incredible features

Always be a premium member on file sharing websites:

No more waiting times or low speed downloads! With you are always a premium member. No more need to purchase separate accounts for file hosting websites. You’ll have premium access to dozens of File hosting sites for the price of one.

You will enjoy the fastest download speed and bypass waiting time for download on all popular file sharing websites like,,, and many more.

Easy, fast and private cloud torrenting:

You can simply copy-paste the torrent or magnet link into our web based downloader. Store files in your cloud or watch online; no torrent client is required! Your personal ip will never connect to the torrent network and you are shielded from showing your identity.

Usenet best provider:

Usenet is a collection of newsgroups where you can discuss a particular topic or share files via newsgroups and then your messages will be distributed via Usenet servers. Each server holds these messages for a certain amount of time. High speed, auto-complete feature, SSL encryption and many other unique features of have made us one of the best Usenet providers.

You are born to be free and to browse freely:

It is well known that all your online activities like private conversations, personal information, or even your downloads are being tracked, monitored and stored whatever the device you are using (Online-Tracking). Your ISP was the first one that spied on you and invaded your privacy. helps you hide your digital footprint by offering fast and secure VPN. You are free to choose the best VPN server location from many different countries we have. It’s also perfect for streaming in HD and fast access to many website which are normally not available in your country.

RSS automation:

RSS is a type of web feed which allows you to access updates to your desirable online content (such as news, series, songs, movies, etc.) You don’t need to visit many of the same websites every day, by using RSS you will get content from those sites and add it to your cloud automatically.

On you will easily update your feed every thirty minutes.

What are the supported file hosts for direct download or store in cloud?

Supported Sites and Container Formats

[Image: LrIvQ5n.png]

For the full list; visit here: offers converts filehosting links to direct download links.

Services offered in

[Image: X7BaKQn.png]

Read the Full Review here: Review

I would like to thank Team for sponsoring this Generous Giveaway for our users and visitors

Giveaway details:

Number of vouchers:  25 valid for 3 days
                                  5 valid for 30 days

Giveaway duration:   4 weeks 

Winner selection:

ALL USERS WILL HAVE A LICENSE. The first 5 users have the 1 month and other users will have 3 days vouchers


Simply leave a reply here and you will be counted. 

[OPTIONAL] Share the giveaway on your social media

[Optional]  Follow the developer account on social media 

Good Luck For ALL!
Hi can i have one? Thank you.
#3 makes downloading fun. Smile
Please include me.

My share link for this offer and contest.

Thank you Tarekma7 for the great review, this gift, and contest.  Thumb
thank you for giveaway
i want one
Plentyfull Cloud
Generous quotas to hoard, download or stream

Remotely Fetch Files
Handsfree fetching and storing of any file directly into your cloud

Private VPN
Protect you and your data while accessing the web
thank you
One Premium Membership For All Services
1 TB Cloud Storage
Access to 35+Streaming and Filehost Sources
Protected Torrent and Usenet Access
Connect multiple devices at the same time
Thanks for the generous giveaway
Thanks for the giveaway contest, it makes download easier and faster without need multiple premium accounts
Thank you for giveaway. Nice offer as everyone get some days.
I want one. I hope I get one
with you can download from many sources, I really want to win this giveaway because there are some files that I want to download but can't download right away, I need services like them
thank you for making this giveaway
I was looking for this kind of service! Thanks for sharing this giveaway, I'm in!

I wonder if I can win this one too hahaha. I'm sharing it right now!

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