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review giveaway activesmart

tarekma7Promo2day Contest ActiveSMART Review and Giveaway
[Image: Se2L3b1.png]

S.M.A.R.T. stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. S.M.A.R.T. technology was developed by a number of major hard disk drive manufacturers to increase the reliability of hard drives. It is a technology that enables the PC to predict the future failure of hard disk drives. S.M.A.R.T. technology has become an industry standard for hard drive manufacturers.

Through the SMART system, hard disk drives incorporate a suite of advanced diagnostics that monitor the internal operations of a drive and provide an early warning for many types of potential problems. When a potential problem is detected, the hard drive can be repaired or replaced before any data is lost or damaged.

One of the leading tools to monitor the S.M.A.R.T. status is ActiveSMART, by Ariolic Software, Ltd.

Active SMART is a software that utilizes S.M.A.R.T. technology to monitor your hard drive health status and disk temperature, predict possible drive fail and prevent data loss. Using your personal notification settings, Active SMART lets you know about a potential disk health problem before you lose valuable data.
In addition, it offers many useful tools and features; for example; Hard drive test, disk space usage tool, secure file shredder and more for ATA, SATA, SSD, NVMe and USB hard drives

Hard Drive Health Protection and Disk Space Usage Software
Award winning hard drive diagnostic
Visual overview of the disk space
HDD health, performance and temperature monitoring
Wipe files securely

[Image: Q6jAsL7.png]



System Requirements:

The program works on all modern Windows versions.

Current version: 2.11

Release date: December 28, 2019


[Image: 87RHQz5.png]

Find out what happen to your hard drives. In real time.

Normally, the hard disk errors happen unexpectedly. How much would the hard disk information loss cost you? Loss of your documents, or your wedding photos or your favorite music?

How do you know if your hard disk drive is fit and healthy or is your hard drive is slow and the disk space is low?

Install ActiveSMART and it will take care about your hard drives and all your data on your disk. It checks the hard drive health and status, runs background diagnostic, monitors disk temperature, checks your free and used disk space and many more.

And it will immediately warns you about any problem with your hard disks. Even potential problems, because it uses special algorithms to estimate failures.

[Image: 0jCv2ul.png]

Easy trace the disk space usage on your PC/notebook with disk space analyzer

Another powerful feature of ActiveSMART – Disk Space Usage Analyzer. It quickly scans the hard drive and show a graphical overview of disk space usage, using TreeMap technology. Now you can see how files and folders use the disk space and which of them are space wasters.

Easily find out which files and directories using up all your hard drive space. Discover where all your disk space is going with built in folder size utility.

[Image: ibMHjRO.png]

Automatic disk check-up and hdd temperature monitor

Active SMART supports automatic disk check-up on system loading, constant tracking of the disks state with an interval varying from 1 minute to 99 hours, as well as performing a quick scan of the disks, in order to save the resources of the weaker machines.

Emergency system shutdown in case of hard drive overheating

Active SMART will suspend (using Hibernate mode) your PC automatically if the hard drive becomes too hot. This saves your important data and prevents the hard drive possible failure.

Other features included:

Secure file shredder using military grade algorithms allows deleting files and folders without any traces. See at a glance Performance, Health, Temperature and Free Space of all your hard drives.

Check the hard drive age.

Check amount of bad and reallocated blocks on the hard drives.

See if the disk has unstable sectors that going to fail.

S.M.A.R.T. attributes and hard drive temperature lifetime chart.

Email notifications about hard drive status and more features.

New Features (Changelog):

Added support for NVMe SSD HDDs (Samsung SSD 970 EVO, WD Black NVMe SSD, Intel Optane SSD and others)
UI updated for different desktop font scaling (150%)
Fixed licensing issue
Many small, but important fixes

How the program works?

If ActiveSMART is not installed on the user PC/laptop, then the user doesn’t receive any hard drive status information. Any warning or alerts from S.M.A.R.T. of the hard drives will be ignored.

[Image: bWWonbN.png]

If ActiveSMART is installed, it retrieves all vital S.M.A.R.T. information from hard drives, analyzes it and calculates failure possibilities using special algorithms. The user will be notified about any potential disk emergency situation immediately.

[Image: PeKn3CS.png]

Key Features:


ActiveSMART not only the harddrive tester, but constantly monitors the disk status using S.M.A.R.T. system and various diagnostic algorithms. Test your HDD now.


Find out what’s using up all your hard drive space in just one click. Built-it disk audit tool shows all files and folders and disk space they are using. Powerful folder size utility built in. Monitoring the hard drive space is never been so easy.

[Image: 7VPRf8R.png]


Built-in file and folders shredder tool wipes files and folders permanently using special, industry grade file shredding algorithms. ActiveSMART enables you to securely erase your sensitive data.


Prevent your hard drives overheating using built-in Hard Drive Temperature Monitor. Flexible disk temperature alarms, temperature history and current disk temperature included.

[Image: t5DN3bJ.png]


ActiveSMART is carefully optimized to use as low as possible resources on laptops. Special energy saving mode is automatically activated when notebook is running on battery.


ActiveSMART supports wide range of internal and external hard drives – internal and external ATA and SATA drives, Solid State Drives (SSD), NVM Express (NVMe) and NAND drives connected internally or via USB.

[Image: WUsrndn.png]

To check the disk S.M.A.R.T. status run Active SMART and open the SMART Information page. You can see the SMART status on the bottom of the program window, in a green frame. Active SMART shows various information about the hard drive; for example; its SMART status, disk SMART attributes, hard drive temperature, estimated drive lifetime, disk health status and many other. It does not require any special technical knowledge and has nice looking graphical user interface. When Active SMART detects a potential problem, the drive can be repaired or replaced before any data is lost or damaged.

[Image: 8RFE5Ld.gif]

S.M.A.R.T. attributes

The S.M.A.R.T. attributes are specific properties (parameters) of various parts of a hard drive. S.M.A.R.T. uses attributes to monitor the disk condition and to analyze its reliability (e.g.: the “Temperature” attribute indicates the temperature of the hard disk, the “Power-On Hours” attribute indicates the count of hours in a power-on state, etc.) Various manufacturers may use different sets of attributes.

SSD Program Fail Count Attribute information:

Only for SSD drives. Total number of Flash program (firmware) operation failures since the hard drive was manufactured.

Load-in Time Attribute information

Total time of loading on the magnetic heads actuator. This attribute indicates total time in which the drive was under load (on the assumption that the magnetic heads were in operating mode and out of the parking area).

For the full list of SMART Attributes and supported Hard Drives offered by the program, please visit this page:

Hard drive temperature monitor

The problem of overheating is a vital problem for most modern HDDs, since they are constantly evolving and their capacity and speed are improving. Not everyone knows that when the temperature of the hard disk rises higher than 50-60 degrees centigrade, its reliability decreases significantly and that a fatal failure as well as total data loss may occur. When the hdd temperature exceeds safe condition ActiveSMART notifies you about that. In addition; you can also check how the hard drive temperature changes over the time.

[Image: EtDEEzu.png]

Disk Space Analyzer:

The files on your hard drive take up more and more space. And soon, all your folders are full of data – movies, music, mp3 files, podcasts and so on. To check folder sizes on your hard drive you need only few clicks – start ActiveSMART, open Disk Space Usage Analyzer tab and choose the disk to scan for all files and folders. The program creates a special picture which has a graphical preview of your disk or folder with all files and folders and space they occupy. This is easily done using the Tree Map technology


The well-known Active SMART software is of great help for you if you are not sure in your hard drive and need software for disk failure prediction. Active SMART is an industry leading S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic and failure prediction software for hard drives. Its main goal is timely detecting and anticipating any problems, occurring with the hard disk, before the danger of the data loss appears.
I would like to thank Ariolic Team for sponsoring this giveaway Exclusive for Promo2day Users

I would like to thank Mike for arrangement of this EXLUSIVE Giveaway

Giveaway Details:

Number of Licenses: 10

Validity of Each License:  Lifetime

Value of each License:    19.95$

Giveaway Duration:  4 weeks

Winners:  Will be announced using


1.)  Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and Post the share link with your comment below.

2.) If you don't have account on Facebook or Twitter, You can share it on any other forum and put the links here.

3.) Your comment must include why you would like a free license for ActiveSMART?

4)  Winners will be selected via and announced. Winners are expected to respond to claim your prize within 3 days which failing to do so will result in disqualification and new winners will be announced.

5) Send PM including name and email address to Mike after winners announcement. The developer will then send your personalized license code.

Good Luck for ALL!
i want program because:
Hard drive temperature monitor
Disk Space Analyzer:
Hard drive temperature monitor
facebook share

thank you for giveaway
Thanks for the giveaway!

Ariolic ActiveSMART allows you to control the temperature, free space, performance and health of hard drives. If any parameter worsens, a warning is issued that will allow me to take the necessary measures.

My favorite features:
- Continuous monitoring of disk status and temperature
- Emergency euthanization of the system during overheating of disks
- Monitoring the status of damaged blocks (bad blocks)

Thank you for the giveaway.

Protect your hard drive from a sudden failure and trace your disk space usage, view S.M.A.R.T. attributes, shred files and save reports

Why do I want an ActiveSMART license
I like the features I mentioned below so I want to earn a license
  • Easy to use interface
  • Monitors S.M.A.R.T. attributes
  • Benchmarks disk temperature
  • Responsive app, but at the cost of moderate-to-high resource consumption
  • Secure file delete
Thanks for the giveaway..!
Please count me in too..

My Share :

My favorite features of ActiveSMART:

[*]Constantly monitors the disk status using S.M.A.R.T. system and various diagnostic algorithms. 
[*]Built-in file and folders shredder
[*]Built-in Hard Drive Temperature Monitor. Flexible disk temperature alarms
[*]Supports wide range of internal and external hard drives 
thank you tarekma7 
i want ActiveSMART because:
facebook share
I want this program because
Hard Drive Health Protection and Disk Space Usage Software
Award winning hard drive diagnostic
Visual overview of the disk space
HDD health, performance and temperature monitoring
Wipe files securely
Thanks for the Giveaway!
Why you would like a free license for ActiveSMART?
ActiveSMART is a software which can monitor your hard drive health status and disk temperature, predict possible drive fail and prevent data loss. With it, you can know your disk health status to avoid any data loss or damage due to hard drive failure and errors. This utility is really the best protection and health monitoring tool of my hard drive which drives me the need of getting this license for ActiveSMART.

Facebook sharing link :
Tarek  thank you for reviewing Active SMART and running the contest, and thank you Mike for organizing the contest.

[Image: Facebook-icon.png]   [Image: Twitter-icon.png]

What I liked most about Active SMART is its colorful and informative interface.


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