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Adguard 6 Beta
First look: Adguard 6 Beta

Dear friends, today we release new beta version of fully upgraded Adguard for Windows. This means that Adguard 6 official and long-awaited release will be really soon!

As for now, meet version of new Adguard

There is really a load of changes, that is why let us present you the very basic and most important ones:
* Totally new program design.
* The full-fledged Privacy protecton mode (Stealth mode).
* Added ability to install filters through the link.
* New Filter editor – much more convenient and clear than the old one.
* New Filtering Log. Much easier than the old one.
* New version of network drivers.
* Many changes ‘under the bonnet’, new filtering engine.
* Improved SSL filtering – added OCSP Stapling.
* Ability to reinstall certificate from the program settings window.
* Reworked the list of filtered applications, it is now much easier to add new applications.
* Added “Do not filter sites with SSL EV certificates” option.
* Added update channels, now it is not necessary to have a beta key for the installation of beta versions.
* Changed a list of supported languages, now available:
-  English
– Russian
– Ukranian
– Polish

The official release is coming soon
Awesome, Thank you for the update! Harry! Winners of our Adguard 5 premium giveaway will be eligible to upgrade to Adguard 6 when it is released as well!
Thank you so much Harry for posting Cool
Thanks for the info!
Thanks for the update.
I reckon that the upgrading is possible with the license key offered by Giveaway which is permittable within 1-year period!
Thanks   Smile
(09-18-2015 , 03:59 PM)hakah Wrote: I reckon that the upgrading is possible with the license key offered by Giveaway which is permittable within 1-year period!

Yes, if you win a license you get free upgrades for a year. This Giveaway is for real licenses (not the limited licenses from some website that do not offer support or free upgrades). These Giveaway licenses for Adguard include 1 year of free tech support and free upgrades.
Is this a public beta?
(09-19-2015 , 03:26 AM)clyde Wrote: Is this a public beta?

Not really, but you can still get it. Please note that there may be bugs and issues with the alpha/beta version. Use at your own risk.

Download Pre-Release Version Beta

  Installer Here:[/url]

Added or changed:
  • Prepare and test autoupdate system #218
  • [UI] Ukrainian translation is ready #253
  • [UI] In language bar there should be "Polski" instead of "Polskie" for polish language. #231

Added and changed:
  • Added an opportunity to install custom filter subscriptions by URL: [url=]#9
  • Added following applications to the default filtered apps list: Zona, Yahoo Messenger, MediaGet #115 #111 #78
  • Show only installed apps in Filtered Apps section: #100
  • Changed filtered apps sort: #121
  • Stealth Mode: Added Block WebRTC option: #19
  • You can now reset settings to defaults: #4
  • Implemented Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V in Filter Editor: #64
  • Added $other and $media modifiers support: #136
  • Added support for userscripts title and description: #99
  • Adguard service crash: #45
  • Fixed OCSP Staple check: #94
  • Fixed an issue with filters update time in tray tooltip being out of sync: #89
  • Browsing security cache issue: #85
  • Fixed an issue with Opera browser restart on certificate reinstall: #109
  • Changed tray menu, added "Tools" section: #105
  • Imported filter rules are now applied right after import: #92
  • Fixed a bug with filter editor cog menu: #90
  • Fixed a bug with alpha version install/update: #84
  • Fixed a problem with enable/disable group of rules using context menu: #3
  • Fixed a bug with filtering some compressed resources: #137
  • Fixed Some minor UI and localization issues: #93 #86 #95

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