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max connectify lifetime 2020 x 2019 hotspot

ahmedPersonal Giveaway 5 x Connectify Hotspot Max 2019/2020 [Lifetime!]
[Image: 6694454Hotspot_2020-MAX-01.png]

I have 5 License (Accounts) of Connectify Hotspot Max 2019/2020 . Lifetime,that I have collected from last Giveaway Here. Those who have missed this offer have a great chance to Win a Lifetime Account.If you are interested,Just replay below,I will Randomize & Pick 05 Winners by The Help of RANDOM.ORG after 3 Weeks!

About Connectify Hotspot Max:

** You Must have at least 5 meaningful posts (Including Here: Member Introduction) to participate in the contest!

Good Luck to all Thumb
SOMETHING About Connectify Hotspot Max count me in 
Thanks, count me in please..
Just count me in. Thank you.
Share any kind of Internet connection

Hotspot connectivity lets you easily turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hub so you can share the Internet with all your devices. Convert a wired connection to Wi-Fi at the click of a button and even share an existing wireless network as Wi-Fi.
Its a great tool to share internet connection from one device. If you have one internet connection and want to share it with lots of devices then its the best app you can find.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Thanks for the giveaway! 

Hotspot easily connects all your devices with Wi-Fi
Connectify Hotspot can give internet access to all your devices. This easy-to-use virtual router allows you to share Internet access on your laptop with your smartphone, tablet, media player, e-book, other laptops, and even with your friends if they are near you.
Thanks for the contest Connectify Hotspot Max  does the necessary process simple way Wink
Connectify Hotspot Max is great software. --- Please count me in this contest, ahmed. ... Your great generosity to the members of this forum is appreciated by me and all the members I speak to. Smile

I think that I have made at least 5 meaningful posts and I have made an introduction to the forum long ago. ... If you need links, please let me know. - Elijah.   Thumb
                    5 x Connectify Hotspot Max 2019/2020 [Lifetime!]

Thanks promo2day, ahmed and Connectify for a great giveaway
of Connectify Hotspot Max Lifetime

Share Any Type of Internet Connection:-
Connectify Hotspot lets you easily turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot so you can
share your Internet with all your devices. Turn a wired connection into Wi-Fi at
the click-of-a-button and even share an existing wireless network as Wi-Fi.
With Connectify Hotspot MAX you can share your 3G or 4G LTE networks, too, and also share the Internet connection via wired Ethernet.

Link to details of [b]Connectify Hotspot Max[/b]

Protect the online privacy of all your devices by sharing a VPN connection via Wi-Fi with Connectify Hotspot
Speedify for the VPN of all devices is a separate payable product.

A giveaway and review of the combined Connectify Hotspot Max and Speedify would be

Some of the feaures of Connectify Hotspot Max:-
Share Internet from WiFi Networks
Share Internet from Ethernet Networks
Share VPN connections via WiFi
Real-time Network Usage Monitoring by Device
Emoji and Unicode Support in Hotspot Names
Ad Blocking for Connected Clients
Dark Mode
Share Internet from 3G & 4G Networks
Unlimited Hotspot Uptime
Custom Hotspot Naming
Firewall Controls for Connected Devices
Wired Router Mode
WiFi Repeater Mode
Bridging Mode
Custom DHCP and IP Controls


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