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a india phones amazon longer no refund return buyers allows

tarekma7Amazon India no longer allows buyers to return phones for a refund
Amazon India has announced a rather unwelcome change to its Return Policy.

[Image: aPAv7cp.png]

The online retailer will no longer allows buyers to return Phones which they bought from its e-store.
You won't get a refund for the phone you bought, but you can get a replacement phone, if the one you bought is defective. And the replacement policy is only valid for 10-days from the delivery date of the phone.
More specifically, this change affects the Amazon Fulfilled phones only. So you could still return a phone to a seller, if the product is not fulfilled by Amazon India. But these devices are quite limited, and usually most sellers don't give a refund that easily. The reasoning behind the move is quite simple. People were misusing the Return Policy to send back the new phones after using them for a few days, even when the phone was not defective. So the seller and Amazon India had to bear the cost of the restocking fee (most likely sell them at a lower price as a refurbished phone) and the shipping fee respectively.
This is what the new Returns Policy on Amazon India's webpage states:

Quote: All Mobile phones that are fulfilled by Amazon, purchased on or after 7th February 2016, will have a replacement only policy. Mobile phone items that are fulfilled by Amazon will no longer be eligible for refunds. In case you have received a defective or a damaged mobile phone, you will be eligible for a free replacement.

It is because of a few unfair customers, that the rest of India has to suffer. But it is quite far to the seller, and the OEM. The 10-day replacement policy however, is a bit unfair to the buyer. Sometimes phones may stop working after 10-15 days, in which case, it will have to be sent for a warranty repair service instead, which usually, is a tedious experience in our Country.


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