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Are you planning to have Galaxy Note 10+? Enter here first
Before going to purchase a new Galaxy Note 10+, you may need to ask if it is suitable for you? If there is any problems?

I have collected the three important resources you need:

First: Full specification of the phone here:

Second: Full review and testing of the phone with conclusion : HERE

Quote:The Bad

Note10’s biggest problem is the lack of consistency.

As I said, the September 2019 software update had a major impact on camera performance, and to be honest, I expected Samsung to figure this out and ship a fix faster.

This didn’t happen, and the Note10 is stuck with a somewhat odd camera configuration that needs further refinements as soon as possible.

The battery life of the Note10 is somewhat of a letdown, especially because the Note9 itself was a monster. You don’t necessarily expect a 4,300 mAh battery not to go for one full day, so hopefully Samsung would roll out more refinements in the coming months to improve battery life as well.


As I said in my previous reviews, the whole conclusion comes down to the answer to one question: should I buy the Galaxy Note10?

The answer this time depends on your current smartphone and your needs.

If you already own the Galaxy Note9, I see little to no reason to purchase the Galaxy Note10. Especially because this whole inconsistency can ruin your experience in a second, making this expensive device something that you can’t necessarily rely on when it’s needed the most.

If you own a different smartphone and need something with a pen, the Note10 is a recommended purchase. But only if you don’t think it’s too expensive.

Galaxy Note10 is without a doubt a pricey smartphone, and despite the fact that it’s packed with features, I believe that most buyers out there don’t even use half of them. Truth be told, Note10 is a leader in terms of capabilities, but most often than not, we pay for features that we end up using on rather rare occasions.

The smaller Note10 seems to be the better purchase, especially given its extra portability, but this still doesn’t address the setbacks mentioned above.

At the end of the day, I think that Note models should really become part of a unified Galaxy lineup that includes S models as well. There should be just one Note version sold as a variant of the Galaxy alongside the other S siblings that share the same hardware and feature lineup.

Third: Reviews on GSMarena with users comments: HERE

FINALLY, Please read these three articles, reviews and guide before making your decision

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