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Microsoft Now Shows the Apps That Were Built for Windows 10 in the Store
Built for Windows 10” label added to the Windows Store
The latest update to the Windows Store universal app that was delivered a few hours ago brings a pretty important change for Windows 10 users: apps developed for the new operating system come with a special label confirming that they’re optimized for this particular version.

A reddit post reveals that the “Built for Windows 10” label is mostly being used for universal apps and that pretty much makes sense because they are specifically developed to be installed on Microsoft’s new operating system on PCs, smartphones, or both.

At this point, there’s no option to filter or group apps in a single category “Built for Windows 10,” but such functionality could be added in the near future when more improvements are ready.

Based on user feedback

Although Microsoft hasn’t publicly announced the change, the addition of a flag to determine whether a specific app is optimized for Windows 10 or not was one of the most requested features for the Windows Store, so it was added based on user feedback.

Obviously, this is good news for the community, especially because this way Microsoft proves that it’s listening to feedback and more features that users ask for could be added in the coming updates.

This is the second significant addition of the week that’s based on user feedback, after the introduction of release notes for OS updates. Since the debut of Windows 10 in July 2015, users have continuously asked Microsoft to add change logs to OS updates and after months of criticism for ignoring this feedback, the company has decided to provide more information on the contents of each patch.

Without a doubt, Windows 10 is going in the right direction with these feature improvements based on consumer feedback, but it’s very clear that the same approach must be maintained on the long term too. So we’re done with this request too, now the next step is to get change logs for app updates and extensions in Edge browser.


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