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Microsoft Updates the Windows 10 Store App
Redmond delivers new update for the built-in universal store

Microsoft has just updated the Store universal app on Windows 10, so both PCs and smartphones are getting the new version right now.

Just like any other universal solution, the app is getting these improvements through the store itself, so after installing the new version, a quick reboot of the program is needed.

At this point, it’s not known if there are any significant changes in this release because Microsoft hasn’t delivered a change log, but given the fact that no such information is provided, the chances are that it’s all about bug fixes and optimizations.

Previously, Microsoft said that change longs wouldn’t be provided unless there was something worth mentioning in app and OS updates. Recently, however, the company has started offering release notes for operating system updates, so the next step is to convince Microsoft to provide such information for app updates too.

Certainly, these need to be quite detailed, especially when there are more than just bug fixes, but for the moment, Redmond doesn’t seem to be willing to change this approach over app updates.

No matter what’s included, however, users are still recommended to download and install the new Store app update, pretty much because it’s expected to include bug fixes that would contribute to an overall improved experience. The update is in the store on both PCs and smartphones.


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