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make us photo license caption 2020 38 contest laugh kerish doctor

MikeMake Us Laugh - Photo Caption Contest 38 (Kerish Doctor 2020 License)

[Image: Isq0CVA.jpg]

Every photo is worth a 1,000 words. In this case we're looking for the best 20 words (or less) in our photo caption contest. To enter this contest simply create a humorous or witty caption for the photo posted and reply below. 2 winners will be chosen and each person will receive a Kerish Doctor 2020 License key (expiration date of keys: February 16, 2023) as the prize.

This contest will remain open for 10 days. 2 members with the best caption/remark will then be chosen and will receive a license code directly from me as their prize. Only Registered forum members can enter this giveaway.

Good luck to y'all
I always have a good nose for bargains Big Grin
Now hooman, look me in the eyes and repeat slowly after me..........I .....need.....plenty...of.... yummy .......yummy.....doggie ....yummies!

29 May 2020
Ps. Not interested in the prize. Just having fun with the Photo Caption Contest. Do not include me in the draw Smile
Updated 12 June 2020
Anyone selecting me, in the vote, will be given my copy, if i won.
Guys, I don`t need KD. I use Stacer, and in  MS I prefer Glary Utils.
So will only be giving it away immediately. To anyone who votes for my caption.
"I'll just stand here and wait for you to feed me"
Let's take some more delicacy, I'm already very hungry!  Tongue
Hey! Hey! the time period you decided with your friend for wooing your crush by bringing me with you is over now. Please drop me to your friend's house!
If you've been bitten by an evil dog, don't despair. Someday it will bite and good.
Another dog life, another human to look after. What would they do without us?
"Hi to all my friends on Instagram"

Yes, I am shopping @downtown mall" for my tasty biscuit packs.

"This is one of best profile pic of mine"

This giveaway has ended for new entries. I will leave this thread open for a few days and would like our members to choose the 2 winners after reading all the captions. 

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