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prize your share experience choose

tarekma7Share your experience and Choose your prize

Let's have some fun during lockdown time and may be quarantine in some cases. We will start the giveaway in a new shape this time

[Image: K7h890t.jpg]

Currently; We have 6 licenses:

Revo Uninstaller Pro     

[Image: qpuximA.png?1]

Kerish Doctor 2020 

[Image: g6ezf5R.jpg]  

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 18         

[Image: EvP5cWT.png]

ESET Internet Security

[Image: qfU1QNL.jpg]

Avast Premium Security 2020 (yearly license)

[Image: rZstfQA.png]

McAfee Internet Security until 05.28.2023

[Image: gzho9S5.jpg]

I may add more licenses later depending on user interaction and developers cooperation

If you have a license and want to donate it in this giveaway; that's great. I will announce it and add your name

[Image: 9Snp2AW.jpg]

Now let's start how to join the giveaway and have a chance to win a license?

1. Share with us how you enjoy your time during lockdown time and home stay?

2. If you have an experience with Corona virus (Covid-19 virus), you may share it with us. Any type of experience or information or even quarantine

3. Share the giveaway on Facebook or twitter with mention of Promo2day Forum and title and link to this giveaway:

For example; add the title of this giveaway + link to the topic + @Promo2day forum

4. You can share any interesting images you have related to corona virus infection, lockdown ....etc

5. Waiting to see members creation

*The giveaway will continue depending on members interaction; 

*We may add more licenses, 

*We may end the giveaway at any time, 

*We may also extend the giveaway

*Don't select any software name as these are not arranged now.

[Image: Xzw4WsY.jpg]

The licenses are not arranged numerically and you cannot know which one you select, it is a matter of luck

Good Luck For All!
More licenses added

Thanks Mike and ahmed
Thanks igoreha for the rare license (McAfee)
Added ESET Internet Security 1 year license to the giveaway.
I am tring to finish web series and anime on my watch list in this lockdown in my country. I haven't met any person with covid19, just heard from news.
Good luck all you guys for this difficult time of year. 
Doing some errands every day during this lockdown and after all these chores, I watch a lot of movies on cable tv and surf the internet all day long.

Thankfully, we don't have any cases of covid in our family but unfortunately, in some places and other countries.

Thanks for arranging this giveaway to get a chance to win.

During the lock down I had been doing nothing other than  Sleep playing game and watching movie it's like a dream the feeling seem unreal then I realize I had just lost my job and become nervous. 

Wish everyone safe no matter where you from 2020 year seem like a year wasted, to be forgotten for all.

I would like to add an Avast Premium Security 2020 Yearly License in this Giveaway Smile
Experiences of my Coronavirus (Covid-19 virus) and the ways I pass time. 
[Image: Eye-blinking.gif].
"I find myself spending a lot of time looking through blinds and holes in my doors at outsiders."  Peep 

1. My Prime Concern: - My elderly wife, age 72, is very susceptible to the virus because of pre-existing conditions (sugar diabetes and a propensity to get respiratory diseases (pneumonia and bronchitis.)  Her doctor says an infection would probably be a death sentence for her.  So, I spend the majority of my time trying to protect her from becoming infected by contact with any infectious situations or materials such as wiping down all packages, including food, that enters our quarantined house. ... This has become my number one concern and at times is very laborious and time-consuming. --- She is also having a lot of "cabin fever" from the quarantine and I try to help her pass time as joyfully as possible.

2. Experiences: - I had an 86 year old aunt and her 86 year old husband (my uncle by marriage) who were well and relatively happy in their elder years when this epidemic began.  ... During the early days of this virus back in late March of this year, my uncle fell down at his house and badly injured himself. ... He could not get up without help from my aunt and would not go to the local hospital because of his fear of becoming infected by the virus as a result of hearing about infected hospitals in major cities on the national news. ... At this time, there was no infections reported in their area.  ... After his wife called an ambulance 3 times that day out of fear of his injuries, he still refused to go to the hospital out of fear of the virus. From the time that he fell, he had sat in his favorite chair and when my aunt finally went to bed out of exhaustion that night he was still in that chair.  ... The next morning when she awakened, she found him dead in that chair. --- Five days later they buried him and my brother left her alone at her house after the burial. That night she fell in her home breaking both arms, a leg, and several ribs. ... She died 4 days later. ... I and all my relatives consider them victims of the epidemic. 

3. How do I pass time? 
a. Attempting to the best of my ability to protect my wife from viral infection.
b. Watching a lot of television, reading a lot of books, and doing a lot of chores around the house.
c. Working on my family genealogy which I earnestly began early in the days of the epidemic. 
d. And, by coming online when time allows and visiting my favorite sites such as this great forum. Smile

My media share for this contest.

*Thank you, tarekma7, for sponsoring this contest -- and thanks to all who contributed such great valuable software to make this contest fantastic. Thumb  
Good afternoon!

The epidemic had no effect on me. I don’t know from my environment infected Covid-19 virus.
For prevention at work in quarantine sat for two weeks. All paid! This time spent in the village with a friend. I did a lot of things.

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