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pdf24 new released 10 creator

mrtroutPDF24 Creator 10.0.8 (New) Released
#1      PDF24 Creator Changelog        Version 10.0.8
Toolbox saves last window placement
The toolbox now saves the last used window size and position on the screen. This way, the user can better adapt the application to the hardware he is using. Especially with large screens, some users do not want a maximized display.

Tray icon Open action improved
The tray icon can be used to open the PDF24 via the icon context menu or via a double-click. This behavior has been improved. If the toolbox is activated, then the toolbox is opened. If the Toolbox is not activated, then the older launcher is opened instead.

Some brush types disabled for tools in the toolbox
For the Edit, Blacken and Annotate tools in the Toolbox, we have disabled some brush types because they do not run correctly in the offline version. Here we need to see how to switch these brush types so that they also work in the offline version.

Importing signatures into the signing tool improved
Signatures that are available as images can be imported into the tool. With large images there were problems with the display, so it was difficult to import them. Here we have improved so that this is now easier.

More functions can be deactivated in the toolbox
More instructions have been added in the Toolbox to disable some tools there. This can be done via the Windows Registry. The registry entries have the following form: feature.toolbox.[blacken | ...] = [0 | 1] (DWORD). For example, if you want to disable the blacken tool, then set feature.toolbox.blacken = 0.

Language files updated
Problem with updater fixed
The updater did not evaluate an instruction correctly, which caused problems with the detection of updates. This problem has been fixed in this version.

Reader cannot overwrite currently opened file
In Reader we have built in a protection so that the currently opened file cannot be overwritten. If you wanted to do this in older versions, then there were problems with saving and the newly saved file was empty.

Filter options in the toolbox have made disabled tools visible
In the toolbox, there are several filters that the user can use to display tools. One of the filters is the one for recently used tools. Furthermore, there is the possibility to deactivate certain functions throughout the program, e.g. if they should not be available in a company. However, the use of the filters caused that these deactivated functions were made visible. This problem is now fixed.  PDF24 Creator 10.0.8 Download :  For Windows 10 only
PDF24 Creator 10.0.8 PRIVATE, x64
Optimized for private use  :         
PDF24 Creator 10.0.8 MSI, x64
For deployment on company computers:    Digital Signature ( geek software GmbH )  Smile Big Grin Thumb
PDF24 Creator  Version 10.0.11  (New) Released :     
PDF24 Creator Changelog        Version 10.0.11
Fixed problems with UTF8 character encoding on some systems

Some systems had problems with the UTF8 character encoding. In the toolbox for instance some umlauts were not displayed correctly. This did not affect all systems. We investigated and fixed the problem.
Fixed problem converting images to PDF

A problem with the "Images to PDF" function and the newly introduced embedding of JPG files without recoding has been fixed. If an image file has a .jpg extension and the image is not actually a JPG image, then direct embedding failed with a blank page. We are now using a different technique to identify JPG images so that images with incorrect file extensions will work correctly again.
In the settings area you can now configure the "Images to PDF" function

The "Images to PDF" block has been added to the settings area, where you can make some settings that the "Image to PDF" function uses. Before you could only do this directly via the Windows registry. It's more comfortable that way.
PDF24 Creator 10.0.11      100% Free | 100% Free of spyware    Download
Please click on one of the following links to download the PDF24 Creator. The PDF24 Creator is free of charge for both private and commercial purposes.        dows 10 only
PDF24 Creator 10.0.11 PRIVATE, x64
Optimized for private use               
PDF24 Creator 10.0.11 MSI, x64
For deployment on company computers       Digital Signature ( geek software GmbH )

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