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tarekma7Staff members required......
Hi All

As all you know, our forum is growing rapidly with many new members and a lot of new topics

We need new staff members to help us, encourage more user activity, new ideas or suggestions 

If you are interested, please reply here or PM me

There is no obligation or any problem, all we need is your help in your free time

This announcement is open for 72 hours

Good luck for all
Can I join ?
(02-05-2021 , 12:57 AM)deathsmear Wrote: Can I join ?

Sure you can join just let us know your interests.
I'm willing to help out, but right now would be a bit difficult. I'm dealing with some personal family-related issues - my uncle (who was actually like a second father to me) was diagnosed with glioblastoma a few months back and is now hospitalized and his health has drastically taken a turn for the worse over the past week. I can start helping more often once things have settled down if that's alright? Just thought I would offer in case help was still needed.
First sorry to hear this and we respect your feelings, we always welcome you the door is always open for your all efforts.
Sorry to hear Enigma prayers sent to you and your family. Thanks for your offer but family is more important at the moment.
Thanks, fellas! It means a lot. Really appreciate it!
We need moderator for smartphones giveaway section and moderator for security center

If anyone is interested in regulating exchange center, PM me

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