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pro lifetime xyplorer

ahmedPersonal Giveaway XYplorer Pro [Lifetime!]
[Image: XY1950FP_t.jpg]

I can arrange 01 lifetime license of this software! If you are interested in participating here,just replay below (Please See Rules). I will pick 1 (One ) Winner with the help of  Wheel Of Names after 15 Valid entries!

About The Software:

License Type:
-Single PC/ User,Lifetime License Pro (With all future upgrades!)

1.Users with at least 2 meaningful posts and 1 thread (Including Here: Member Introduction) are eligible to participate in the contest!

2.Write in a small sentence " Why do you want to win this software ?"

3.VPN are Not Allowed!

4.Winner must PM Me within 03 days to claim His/Her win after winning announcement ,including His/Her : Full Name,Address (Optional) & Valid Email

Good Luck : )
Thanks a lot for this giveaway. XYplorer is a portable fast, light file manager for Windows. It has a highly customizable interface, tabbed browsing, and many features and tools that are very useful. For example; powerful search engine, versatile preview, dual pane, and automatic tools for frequently recurring tasks.
Thanks ahmed

I'm using a very old version of XYplorer from below

For my use I like tabbed windows and till date there is nothing available in Windows by default. The dual pane increases my effeciency as I copy/paste or check things in various folders. With a tabbed & dual window I can accomplish things faster. Another reason is easy access to file attributes. Certain times I need to change/search with respective to attribute rather than filename and XYplorer is very helpful in this case. Lastly, portability factor.

XYplorer Pro is a much better alternative to MS Windows Explorer/ File Explorer!
(OK, that's not very difficult because I don't think that MS Windows Explorer/ File Explorer is good.) 
So in the past I looked for an alternative and found FAR Manager with ConEmu. I like this combination very much. 

XYplorer Pro is considered to be one of the best filemanagers so I'd be very happy to win a license as a second alternative to my FAR Manager + ConEmu combination. I especially like that XYplorer is a portable application. So I can put it on my USB Flash Drive and use this  great filemanager everywhere!

Thank you very much for this great giveaway!
Tabs let you switch between folders most easily. Drag them around, hide them, lock them, name them, or drop files onto them.
It looks like a great alternative to Windiws explorer with support for tabs unlike Windows explorer. And I also like that it is portable which required no installation.
Thanks a lot for this exclusive giveaway, ahmed.
XYPlorer is one of the best file management software which I personally find it better even than Directory Opus and others I just used until now.
I must admit I always wanted to get this software as I like a lot its UI, lightness and the fact that is updated regularly. 
This type of license allows us to receive updates for the lifetime of the product so please count me into the giveaway!

Thanks again ahmed.
I like its tabbed interface and its search feature. Also it can be customized  a lot to suit user's need.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Thanks for the contest, XYPlorer in incredibly reach features, can replace windows explorer and can be customized with every tastes to be efficient without losing time in clicks. It has quick file preview such as Mouse Down Blow Up and HoverBox, also prevent accidents with Safety Belt...
Thanks a lot for this giveaway. 
XYplorer is a nice file manager for Windows with tons of features and tools that are very useful.
I like mostly for The dual pane With a tabbed browsing and file handling features...
I like to have a license ...
P/S count me in...

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