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System Restore Point Creator 3.6.Build 1 + Portable
[Image: mgzBfop.png]

Restore Point Creator is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that was designed to help you restore the system to an early state using the
existing restore points. You can also create new ones and personalize them by adding a specific description to each of them.
In case there are some restore points that are no longer needed, with the help of Restore Point Creator you can delete them.


Changelog:You can review all the NEW FEATURES here:



Portable: (Note: Windows XP users, download this version)
nice stuff, thx.
August 17, 2016 -- Version 4.7 Build 2
Despite the amount of testing that was done during the public beta phase, some issues came up. Issues with setting the MultiRun flag for existing runtime tasks had some issues, this has been corrected by removing that part of the program. This functionality may come back in the future. Thanks goes out to Slim McCoy and Jan van der Stegen for reporting this issue to me. Fixed an issue in which the vssadmin.exe command may be restricted by Group Policy Software Restrictions, included a workaround for this issue. Thanks goes out to Martin Hill for reporting this issue to me.
August 21, 2016 -- Version 4.7 Build 9
I know that this version is out of sync with the regular update schedule but issues cropped up that needed to be fixed. The next update that's scheduled for September 1st will be pushed back to September 15th.

The most important change in this new version is that I added some additional checks and safeguards as well as introduced logging to both the extraction routines and updating routines that occur when updating the application. You do have the ability to turn off the extended logging during updating but of course if something goes wrong it will be harder to figure out what went wrong.

Because of an issue that cropped up with the setting of the runtime tasks for multi-run mode in the last major release, the feature was removed from Build 2. That feature has been re-introduced in this Public Beta build but in a different way.

* Fixed a regression on the Mount Shadow Copy Tool that caused an Explorer window not to be opened upon mounting. This didn't cause an issue with mounting the actual shadow copy, just the opening of Explorer.
* Fixed an issue in the wmi.searchForProcessAndKillIt() function in which even with double-checking if a process ID exists, things can go wrong and cause an exception to occur. This has been fixed by simply wrapping the process kill() function with a Try-Catch block to trap a possible error when killing a process. Thanks goes out to Gerard Chantal for reporting this issue to me.
* Introduced some date verification code into the Task Scheduler tool when loading the tool to solve a possible crash issue.
* Changed the default option setting for Log Restore Point Deletions to enabled.
September 15, 2016 -- Version 4.9 Build 2
Fixed a small bug where the String StartsWith() function caused a crash. Thanks goes out to Nigel Glover, Kurt Bremer, and "abakanli" for reporting this issue to me.
Thanks for update
October 14, 2016 -- Version 5.1 Build 1
This version includes a number of fixes and improvements to the program.

* Fixed many of the message box title strings to not use the main window title's as the basis for the title of the message box, it's now using a hard-coded string.
* Corrected the spelling of the word "weird" in many parts of the program, I had it spelled as "wierd" which is wrong.
* Changed much of the code used to get the active power plan's GUID from the system.
* Removed the part of the code that changes the setting for the active power plan when the system is on battery power.
* Added formatting of large numbers to the Application Event Log.
* Added new SRSetRestorePointW() as a fall-back API to the program as a backup to the WMI method of creating restore points.
* Added new code to hopefully handle errors from the system restore APIs better than in the past.
* Added some minor code optimizations that have to do with empty String checks.
* Added better error messages for when a WebException occurs. Thanks goes out to "Shannon" for bringing this to my attention.
* Fixed first line of About message box, it should not be getting the name of the program from the main window's title bar.
* Fixed Balloon Tip title bar to not be based upon the main window's title bar.
* Removed some unnecessary error messages when my server doesn't respond properly.
* Increased the amount of time the program waits on an HTTP timeout from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
* Moved much of the error handling for HTTP requests to a central error handler on the main window.
* Includes some additional fixes for the Create Restore Point at User Logon task.

There were a few changes/commits that didn't make it into this version and have been held back in the "dev" branch of the program from which public betas and release candidate versions are built. I built this general release version from version 5.0 Build 8 Release Candidate 3's code snapshot and cherry picked one additional commit from later in the "dev" branch to build this public release version. Some of the changes I made in later release candidates just weren't ready to be released yet and need more testing to make sure that those changes are stable.
October 30, 2016 -- Version 5.2 Build 1
This version includes a number of fixes and improvements to the program.

* Moved much of the error handling for HTTP requests to a central error handler more better error handling.
* Cut down on many of the error message that users could receive if an HTTP request error occurs.
* Added multi-user support to the Create Restore Point at User Logon task.
* Changed the type of Event Log that's written to the Application Event Log when an HTTP error occurs.
* The program didn't give the user any feedback if the latest version was a beta version and the user chose not to receive beta versions (only RCs). This has been fixed.
* Concentrated the decision to show either a message box or a balloon-type message based upon the user's preferences to a new giveFeedbackToUser() function. This cleans up much of the code so that there's not quite so many IF statements everywhere, just a call to a function.
* Optimized much of the code in the deleteRPLifeIntervalValue() and giveFeedbackAfterCreatingRestorePoint() functions.
* Wrapped the code that retrieves the task schedule data on the Task Scheduler's Form Load Event to better handle FormatException exceptions when loading invalid data data from the task's XML data.
* Fixed the saving of the Update Message window size.
* Made it so that there's not quite so many events that trigger the disableCountdown() function on the Update Notification window.
* Cleaned up some code in the MyApplication_Startup responsible for loading several Registry key values for the program.
* Included some changes to how the program accesses and closes out the RegistryKey objects.
* Moved the loadExceptionHandler() in the application startup routine to be earlier in the code than in the past.
* Fixed a possible ArgumentException exception in the function that kills processes that have a certain parent executable. This is mainly used during the application update routine to make sure that executable files aren't locked during the program update process.
* Added the ability to save the size of the Official Changelog window.
* Changed the way that the program stores and saves some user preferences.
* Fixed a long standing issue in which the Please Wait window wasn't cented in the screen when launching one of the Jumplist tasks.
November 15, 2016 -- Version 5.3 Build 1
This version includes a number of fixes and improvements to the program.

* Updated the HTTPHelper class to version 1.200. The HTTPHelper class update includes a number of fixes and improvements to the code for many of the program's HTTP requests.
* Added some thread sleeping commands to the application updating code as well as a notification that the program is updating during application updating. Hopefully this will make updating go smoother than in the past since we're going to wait for processes to close out instead of trying to kill them.
* Included some internal code changes when it comes to the Please Wait window.
* Added more logging to the application update routine to indicate that the update thread is sleeping for 5 seconds.
* Fixed a bug in which the Application Event Log Search Tool would cause a crash.
* Improved performance of the Application Event Log Search Tool.
* Includes some code optimizations to the Application Event Log Viewer.
* Massive amounts of changes to the code to better handle case insensitive string comparisons.

There was one fix/commit that didn't make it into this version, it will be held back to be included in the public beta
November 30, 2016 -- Version 5.4 Build 1
This version includes a number of fixes, improvements, and an added feature to the program that's been requested for a long time.

* Changed much of the multi-threaded code to use Background Pool Threads instead of spawning my own threads.
* Simplified the GUI code of the update notification window.
* Updated HTTPHelper to version 1.215.
* Added the ability to auto-elevate the task when executing the program with the "-createrestorepoint" switch along with the "-name" parameter. This was broken in the past, thanks goes out to Paul Merritt for reporting this issue to me.
* Added note to the Command Line Arguments window that the commands are recommended to be ran from an elevated command prompt. Thanks goes out to Paul Merritt for reporting this to me.
* Fixed a bug in which the Reserved System Restore Space for System Drive window wasn't showing on top of other windows like it should.
* Completely rewrote the selected restore point deletion routine. Now all confirmation of restore points happen on the main thread with only the process of deleting said restore points being processed on a background thread.
* Implemented a way for the user to tell the program to not ask to confirm the deletion of each selected restore point if the user so chooses to do so once the confirmation dialog box is shown.
* Finally added a long requested feature to the program, the ability to confirm the deletion of selected restore points in a batch.
* Included some code optimizations on the Disk Space Usage window.
* Finally fixed a handle leak on the disk space usage tool in which it was leaking system handles/objects.

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